Karla & George Harris Honored at Air Force Pregame

Cougar Club Honoree November 21, 2009

George & Karla Harris

We are pleased to honor George and Karla Harris as our Honored Club Members for the BYU v. Air Force game.

George Harris has been a fan and supporter for the Cougars for decades. One thing Cougar Club Director Mike Middleton remembers noticing about George when Mike first started working for the Club was that George asked the first question every month at the Cougar Club luncheons. It seemed, without fail, that LaVell called on George first every month. After years of wondering about this, Mike finally learned why: George’s son, also named George, played for LaVell from 1975-77, and George Harris Jr. still holds the BYU single season record for average yards per catch at 27.3.

George Jr. was nicknamed “gorgeous George” during his playing days because of the locks of his golden hair that were visible coming out under the back of his helmet.

“If I had a former player who gained more than 27 yards every time he caught the ball, I’d call on his dad first too,” Mike said.

Karla is not one step behind George in being a spirited and supportive Cougar fan. For example, Karla is, to our knowledge, the only BYU fan a visiting Athletic Director has ever singled out in the Cougar Room as someone they would like to take home with them. Unfortunately for visiting teams it’s “no Cougars, no Karla.”

While the Harris’ are extremely humble about their contributions, they have been very generous in their support of BYU Athletics. They are Legacy Members of the Cougar Club whose generosity blesses countless BYU student athletes.

We are pleased to recognize George and Karla Harris for all they’ve done for BYU Athletics.