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Linda Murri Honored at Florida State Pregame

L to R Analane Powell, Linda Murri, Mike Middleton

Linda Murri -- Cougar Club Honoree

September 19, 2009

Linda Murri is not only a Cougar Club member for all seasons, she is also a Cougar Club member for all states. She has the unique distinction of being Cougar Club Chapter President in two different times zones. Linda was the Chapter President in Texas for 3 years and currently serves as the President of our Colorado Chapter; we welcome Linda, her husband, Rich, and the other members of the Colorado Chapter who have traveled to be with us today.

While Linda was president of the Texas Chapter, she represented BYU at TCU’s inaugural game as the Horned Frogs became members of the Mountain West Conference. She also helped organize a Cougar Club/ BYU Alumni gathering at a BYU v. TCU basketball game. The BYU Group was so large (and so many of the TCU fans had left early) that when the game ended, Linda arranged for the arena PA microphone to be given to Austin Ainge, who addressed the victorious BYU fans in the Horned Frogs’ own arena.

Linda brings incredible dedication and an unparalleled passion for BYU sports to her role as a volunteer leader. We are grateful for her work and for her love for all that BYU and its student athletes represent.