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Muriel Thole Honored at UCLA Pre-Game

Muriel Thole--Cougar Club Honoree

When Muriel Thole immigrated to the United States from England in 1954, she had never seen a basketball game or a game of American football. That soon changed after she became a BYU Fan. Not only was she one of the first members of the club, prior to the formal organization of the Cougar Club, Muriel started her own booster group consisting of 400 female BYU fans called the Down Town Coacherettes.

Muriel has served on the Cougar Club Board of Directors and her love for BYU teams has taken her around the world to cheer for the Cougars on three continents. For example, she was in Hawaii with Ty Detmer when the team received the announcement that Ty won the Heisman Trophy. Including team trips, Cougar Club tours and traveling on her own, Muriel has traveled well over 150,000 miles to attend BYU Games. That is more than six times around the world and half-way to the moon.

A constant fixture in section 9 row 5 seat 21 which has been her seat since the Marriott Center opened, Muriel is internationally known for what she does during the games. While visiting Australia with the basketball team she was shocked when approached by a complete stranger who said "I know you, you’re the Cougars' knitt'n lady".

Over the decades she has watched the Cougars while knitting thousands and thousands of hats, sweaters, mittens, and scarves which she donates to community charities including homeless shelters and centers for abused women.

Appropriately, on last week’s Cougar Club tour to the Washington game, Muriel celebrated her birthday. When asked which one, she would only say it was a multi-year anniversary of the day she turned 29.

When it comes to being a BYU fan, there are few Cougar Club members that have been involved with the club as long or traveled more with the teams. Muriel has clearly demonstrated her love for the Cougars and for countless strangers who have received a warm scarf or hand-made hat that she knitted for them while cheering BYU on to victory.

We are delighted to present her as this week's Cougar Club honoree.