Pre-Game Briefing Reservations Begin Mon Oct. 6

(Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

The Cougar Club will begin taking reservations for the New Mexico pre-game on Monday, Oct 6, at 8 am. Those interested in attending the program may make reservations by calling the Cougar Club office directly at 801-422-2583 or by sending an email to Reservations will be taken until Wednesday, October 8, at 5 pm or until the room has filled to capacity, which ever comes first.

Silver Cougars may reserve up to 2 seats

Golden Cougars may reserve up to 4 seats

Legacy Members may reserve up to 6 seats

The doors for the event will open at 2 pm, the program will begin at 3 pm. Guests are encouraged to be in their seats by 2:45 pm. Kick-off is scheduled for 4 pm.

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