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Williams Honored at January Luncheon

Diana & Robert Williams

I’m pleased to introduce to you Robert and Diana Williams as today’s Cougar Club honorees. The Williams currently live in Woodland Hills. They’ve been members of the Cougar Club for more than two decades and Cougar fans since attending the Y in the 50s. Robert states that coming to BYU was the best thing that could happen to an Arizona boy—not only did he met and marry a beautiful girl from Hollywood, but he also got to stop cheering for Devils once and for all.

In addition to donating, attending club events, and traveling with the Cougars, the Williams have been volunteers at the Student Athlete Building since it opened five years ago. Their four-hour shift is each Monday from 9 am to 1 pm shift; it’s great to see them in the SAB, giving tours and directions and greeting student athletes and visitors alike. They also currently work as volunteers for Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, for Football home games they are volunteer hosts working with the family members and guest of the visiting players; Robert is a stalwart among our for football security volunteers, and the couple have both helped with Women’s Soccer, Gymnastics and Baseball.

Robert is also the coordinator for all the other SAB Information Desk volunteers. Last year the volunteers that work with the Williams in staffing the Student Athlete Building donated more than 3,000 hours and conducted tours of the SAB for hundreds and hundreds of visitors, including school and youth groups.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Student Athlete Building or would like arrange a tour, please take a minute to talk with Diana or Robert.

It’s hard to quickly detail all that they done for us, but let me just add in conclusion that Robert has also used his professional skills to work with BYU’s athletes in the Student Athlete Academic Center, working as a counselor and helping to teach Ron Chamberlain’s Sports Psychology class at BYU.

Robert and Diana, thank you, on behalf of all the student athletes you’ve hugged and helped and all the visitors to the Student Athlete Building whom you’ve welcomed and guided. It is our pleasure to present you as our honored Cougar Club Members for the January luncheon.