San Diego St. Play-by-Play

Apr 16, 2004 at Provo, UT (Miller Park)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
BURT singled to shortstop.0
BURT stole second.
BURT stole third.
GUERRERO walked.
EMBREY singled to shortstop, RBI; GUERRERO advanced to second; BURT scored.01
UNGRICHT walked; EMBREY advanced to second; GUERRERO advanced to third.
MCLINTOCK singled to right field, RBI; UNGRICHT advanced to second; EMBREY advanced to third; GUERRERO scored.02
CORONA struck out swinging.
MCLINTOCK advanced to second; UNGRICHT advanced to third; EMBREY scored on a wild pitch.103
COULTER walked.
FLOQUET struck out looking.
HALL struck out looking.2
CHAMBERS singled to first base.0
KNELL grounded out to 2b; CHAMBERS advanced to second.
TAYLOR doubled to right field, RBI; CHAMBERS scored.113
ITRI grounded out to ss; TAYLOR advanced to third.
BILLS walked.2
BILLS stole second.
SAYLOR grounded out to ss.
Inning 2
BURT walked.0
BURT stole second.
GUERRERO grounded out to ss.
EMBREY struck out looking.1
BURT advanced to third on a throwing error by p.2
UNGRICHT struck out swinging.
WIENS flied out to cf.0
CLOWARD grounded out to 2b.1
VEST fouled out to 1b.2
Inning 3
MCLINTOCK struck out swinging.0
CORONA flied out to cf.1
COULTER hit by pitch.2
COULTER stole second.
FLOQUET walked; COULTER advanced to third on a wild pitch.
FLOQUET stole second.
HALL singled through the right side, 2 RBI; FLOQUET scored; COULTER scored.15
HALL stole second.
BURT walked; HALL advanced to third on a wild pitch.
GUERRERO grounded out to p.
CHAMBERS grounded out to 2b.0
KNELL flied out to cf.1
TAYLOR popped up to ss.2
Inning 4
BARRETT to p for LEMON.0
EMBREY doubled to right center.
UNGRICHT singled down the rf line, out at second rf to ss, RBI; EMBREY scored.16
MCLINTOCK struck out looking.1
CORONA struck out swinging.2
ITRI flied out to cf.0
BILLS grounded out to ss.1
SAYLOR grounded out to 2b.2
Inning 5
COULTER reached on a throwing error by 2b.0
FLOQUET popped up to p.
HALL hit by pitch; COULTER advanced to second.1
BURT walked; HALL advanced to second; COULTER advanced to third.
GUERRERO popped up to 2b.
EMBREY singled up the middle, RBI; BURT advanced to second; HALL advanced to third; COULTER scored, unearned.217
UNGRICHT walked, RBI; EMBREY advanced to second; BURT advanced to third; HALL scored, unearned.18
MCLINTOCK singled to center field, RBI; UNGRICHT advanced to second, out at third cf to 3b; EMBREY scored, unearned; BURT scored, unearned.110
WIENS grounded out to 2b.0
CLOWARD grounded out to 2b.1
VEST grounded out to p, bunt.2
Inning 6
CORONA grounded out to ss.
COULTER grounded out to 2b.1
FLOQUET struck out looking.2
CHAMBERS flied out to rf.0
KNELL flied out to cf.1
TAYLOR walked.2
TAYLOR out at first p to 1b, picked off.
Inning 7
HALL singled to left field.0
BURT singled up the middle; HALL advanced to second.
GUERRERO struck out swinging.
EMBREY struck out swinging.1
UNGRICHT struck out looking.2
ITRI struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b.0
BILLS walked.1
SAYLOR struck out swinging.
WIENS walked; BILLS advanced to second.2
CLOWARD singled up the middle, RBI; WIENS advanced to third; BILLS scored.210
LUCAS pinch hit for VEST.
LUCAS singled through the left side, RBI; CLOWARD advanced to second; WIENS scored.310
PACE to p for HARANG.
CHAMBERS homered to right field, 3 RBI; LUCAS scored; CLOWARD scored.610
KNELL flied out to lf.
Inning 8
LUCAS to 2b.0
MCLINTOCK grounded out to 3b.
CORONA struck out swinging.1
COULTER struck out swinging.2
SCHROYER to p for PACE.0
TAYLOR struck out swinging.
ITRI grounded out to 2b.1
BILLS flied out to cf.2
Inning 9
FLOQUET flied out to rf.0
HALL singled to shortstop.1
HALL stole second.
BURT popped up to 2b.
GUERRERO popped up to 1b.2
SAYLOR walked.0
WIENS flied out to rf.
LAW pinch hit for CLOWARD.1
LAW popped up to 3b.
LUCAS struck out swinging.2