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UNLV Play-by-Play

May 28, 2005 at Salt Lake City, UT (Franklin Covey Field)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
McNAUGHTON tripled down the rf line (2-0).0
VILLEZCAS grounded out to 2b, RBI (1-2); McNAUGHTON scored.10
NAKAYAMA flied out to rf (2-0).1
HIESTAND flied out to cf (2-1).2
LANG flied out to rf (0-0).0
CRUZ grounded out to ss (1-1).1
PARRAZ grounded out to ss (2-2).2
Inning 2
TAYLOR flied out to rf (0-0).0
SAYLOR singled to right field (1-0).1
KNELL flied out to cf (1-0).
CHAMBERS doubled down the lf line (1-1); SAYLOR advanced to third, out at home lf to ss to c.2
BONNELL struck out swinging (2-2).0
BIRD grounded out to 2b (0-2).1
BERANEK struck out swinging (0-2).2
Inning 3
NELSON fouled out to 1b (2-2).0
McNAUGHTON flied out to cf (1-1).1
VILLEZCAS singled up the middle (2-1).2
NAKAYAMA grounded out to 2b (0-0).
FRY doubled to left center (0-0).0
WALKER singled to left field (0-1); FRY advanced to third.
KOWALSKI out at first 1b to p, SAC, bunt, RBI (1-1); WALKER advanced to second; FRY scored.11
LANG grounded out to 3b (0-1).1
CRUZ doubled down the lf line, RBI (2-2); WALKER scored.212
PARRAZ doubled to left field, RBI (0-1); CRUZ scored.13
BONNELL singled to left field, RBI (1-2); PARRAZ scored.14
BIRD hit by pitch (1-0); BONNELL advanced to second.
BERANEK popped up to ss (2-2).
Inning 4
NAVARRO Jr. to p for BERANEK.0
/ for WAGNER.
HIESTAND struck out looking (2-2).
TAYLOR singled to left field (2-2).1
SAYLOR singled to right field (1-1); TAYLOR advanced to second.
KNELL singled to right field (0-1); SAYLOR advanced to second; TAYLOR advanced to third.
CHAMBERS reached on a fielder's choice (2-1); KNELL advanced to second; SAYLOR advanced to third; TAYLOR out at home p to c.
NELSON struck out looking (2-2).2
FRY singled to right field (3-1).0
WALKER struck out looking (2-2).
KOWALSKI reached on a fielder's choice (1-1); FRY out at second ss to 2b.1
LANG walked (3-0); KOWALSKI advanced to second.2
CRUZ grounded out to p (1-1).
Inning 5
McNAUGHTON struck out swinging (2-2).0
VILLEZCAS singled to right field (2-1).1
NAKAYAMA singled to right field (1-2); VILLEZCAS advanced to second.
HIESTAND reached on a fielder's choice (2-2); NAKAYAMA out at second 1b to ss; VILLEZCAS advanced to third.
TAYLOR singled through the left side, RBI (2-2); HIESTAND advanced to second; VILLEZCAS scored.224
SAYLOR doubled down the rf line, 2 RBI (0-1); TAYLOR scored; HIESTAND scored.44
FOLTIN to p for NAVARRO Jr..
KNELL grounded out to 3b (1-1).
PARRAZ grounded out to p (0-1).0
BONNELL doubled down the lf line (0-0).1
BIRD doubled to right field, RBI (2-2); BONNELL scored.45
NAVARRO Jr. to dh for FOLTIN.
FOLTIN to p.
NAVARRO Jr. flied out to rf (1-1).
FRY flied out to rf (1-0).2
Inning 6
CHAMBERS struck out swinging (3-2).0
NELSON struck out looking (3-2).1
McNAUGHTON walked (3-2).2
VILLEZCAS grounded out to p (0-0).
WALKER struck out swinging (0-2).0
KOWALSKI doubled to right field (2-2).1
LANG singled to right center, RBI (3-2); KOWALSKI scored.46
CRUZ grounded out to ss (1-1); LANG advanced to second.
PARRAZ flied out to rf (1-0).2
Inning 7
NAKAYAMA singled to center field (1-0).0
HIESTAND walked (3-1); NAKAYAMA advanced to second.
TAYLOR reached on a fielder's choice (0-0); HIESTAND out on double play 3b to 2b; NAKAYAMA out on the play.
SAYLOR doubled to center field (3-2); TAYLOR advanced to third.2
KNELL hit by pitch (1-0).
CHAMBERS flied out to lf (1-1).
BONNELL grounded out to 2b (0-0).0
BIRD doubled to right field (2-2).1
NAVARRO Jr. hit by pitch (1-1).
FRY flied out to cf (0-0); BIRD advanced to third.
SIBLEY pinch hit for WALKER.2
SIBLEY struck out swinging (3-2).
Inning 8
TELLAM to c for SIBLEY.0
NELSON flied out to cf (1-2).
McNAUGHTON flied out to lf (1-2).1
VILLEZCAS fouled out to 3b (1-1).2
KOWALSKI grounded out to 2b (1-2).0
LANG hit by pitch (1-0).1
LANG advanced to second on a wild pitch.
CRUZ flied out to rf (2-2); LANG advanced to third.
PARRAZ singled to right field, RBI (1-2); LANG scored.247
BONNELL struck out looking (0-2).
Inning 9
NAKAYAMA walked (3-1).0
HIESTAND struck out swinging (1-2).
TAYLOR flied out to cf (1-2).1
SAYLOR grounded out to 2b.2