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UNLV Play-by-Play

May 8, 2010 at Las Vegas, NV (Earl Wilson Stadium)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
AYOSO to dh.0
RELF walked (3-2).
WELLS singled to right field (3-1); RELF advanced to third.
WOLFE homered to center field, 3 RBI (2-1); WELLS scored; RELF scored.30
AYOSO singled through the right side (3-2).
BERNAL flied out to cf (3-2).
McNAUGHTON homered to left center, 2 RBI (0-1); AYOSO scored.150
NADING, Chad to p for SINGER, S..
CLUFF lined out to lf (0-0).
FRAMPTON singled (1-0).2
FRAMPTON out at first p to 1b, picked off.
BEATY, H. walked (3-1).0
FRIERSON, J. walked (3-1); BEATY, H. advanced to second.
BEUERLEIN, D singled to left field, RBI (1-2); FRIERSON, J. advanced to second; BEATY, H. scored.51
BAYARDI, B. popped up to 3b (2-0).
KRETCHMER reached on a fielder's choice (2-2); BEUERLEIN, D out at second 1b to ss; FRIERSON, J. advanced to third.1
ARNOLD, RJ grounded out to 2b (2-1).2
Inning 2
HALL flied out to rf (0-0).0
RELF doubled to left field (1-0).1
WELLS walked (3-1).
WOLFE singled to left field, RBI (2-2); WELLS advanced to second; RELF scored.61
AYOSO singled through the left side, RBI (0-0); WOLFE advanced to second; WELLS scored.71
BERNAL walked (3-2); AYOSO advanced to second; WOLFE advanced to third.
McNAUGHTON walked, RBI (3-2); BERNAL advanced to second; AYOSO advanced to third; WOLFE scored.81
JAVATE, Max to p for NADING, Chad.
CLUFF homered to center field, 4 RBI (0-0); McNAUGHTON scored; BERNAL scored; AYOSO scored.121
FRAMPTON popped up to ss (3-2).
HALL singled to shortstop (0-1).2
RELF flied out to cf (0-0).
CLARK, Nolan popped up to 1b (2-2).0
THOMAS, Cash struck out swinging (0-2).1
JIMENEZ, R. singled to right field (1-2).2
BEATY, H. grounded out to ss (3-2).
Inning 3
WELLS struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b (2-2).0
WOLFE walked (3-2).1
AYOSO reached on a fielder's choice (1-0); WOLFE out at second ss to 2b.
BERNAL struck out looking (2-2).2
FRIERSON, J. struck out swinging (1-2).0
BEUERLEIN, D walked (3-2).1
BAYARDI, B. singled to left field (0-1); BEUERLEIN, D advanced to second.
KRETCHMER lined out to lf (2-2).
ARNOLD, RJ popped up to 1b (0-1).2
Inning 4
McNAUGHTON struck out swinging (0-2).0
CLUFF flied out to rf (2-0).1
FRAMPTON grounded out to 3b (0-0).2
CLARK, Nolan flied out to rf (2-1).0
THOMAS, Cash grounded out to 2b (1-2).1
JIMENEZ, R. flied out to cf (1-0).2
Inning 5
HALL fouled out to 3b (0-0).0
RELF grounded out to ss (2-2).1
WELLS singled to center field (1-1).2
WOLFE struck out swinging (2-2).
BEATY, H. singled (1-2).0
FRIERSON, J. homered to center field, 2 RBI (2-1); BEATY, H. scored.123
BEUERLEIN, D fouled out to 3b (0-0).
BAYARDI, B. singled up the middle (2-1).1
KRETCHMER homered to right center, 2 RBI (1-1); BAYARDI, B. scored.125
ARNOLD, RJ singled through the left side (3-2).
CLARK, Nolan walked (3-2); ARNOLD, RJ advanced to second.
THOMAS, Cash hit by pitch (1-2); CLARK, Nolan advanced to second; ARNOLD, RJ advanced to third.
JIMENEZ, R. flied out to cf, SAC, RBI (3-1); CLARK, Nolan advanced to third; ARNOLD, RJ scored.126
BEATY, H. flied out to lf (1-1).2
Inning 6
AYOSO lined out to 3b (1-0).0
BERNAL struck out swinging (0-2).1
McNAUGHTON popped up to 3b (1-1).2
SHUTT to p for NEIL.0
FRIERSON, J. homered to center field, RBI (2-2).127
BEUERLEIN, D flied out to lf (2-2).
BAYARDI, B. struck out swinging (0-2).1
KRETCHMER singled down the rf line (1-2).2
ARNOLD, RJ popped up to 1b (3-2).
Inning 7
CLUFF singled to left field (2-0).0
CLUFF stole second, advanced to third on a throwing error by c, scored.137
FRAMPTON flied out to lf (0-1).
HALL singled through the left side (0-0).1
RELF out at first 3b to ss to 1b (0-0); HALL advanced to second.
WELLS doubled to right field, RBI (0-0); HALL scored.2147
LEE, Jared to p for JAVATE, Max.
WOLFE singled to second base, out at second 3b to 2b, RBI (0-1); WELLS scored.157
DE LA CRUZ pinch hit for CLARK, Nolan.0
DE LA CRUZ grounded out to 3b (2-2).
KAPLAN, Kris pinch hit for THOMAS, Cash.1
KAPLAN, Kris struck out looking (0-2).
JIMENEZ, R. struck out swinging (2-2).2
Inning 8
DE LA CRUZ to 1b.
KAPLAN, Kris to rf.
AYOSO grounded out to 3b (3-2).
BERNAL grounded out to 2b (1-1).1
McNAUGHTON homered to left field, RBI (1-1).2167
CLUFF flied out to cf (0-1).
BEATY, H. lined out to cf (0-1).0
HOWARD to p for SHUTT.1
FRIERSON, J. singled up the middle (3-2).
BEUERLEIN, D struck out swinging (2-2).
BAYARDI, B. struck out swinging (2-2).2
Inning 9
WARDELL, B. to p for LEE, Jared.0
FRAMPTON struck out swinging (2-2).
HALL walked (3-1).1
RELF doubled to center field (0-1); HALL advanced to third.
LUKER pinch hit for WELLS.
LUKER struck out swinging (2-2).
WOLFE struck out swinging (0-2).2
LUKER to rf.0
CLUFF to cf.
GILBERTSON grounded out to 2b (1-1).
PARRY to p for HOWARD.1
SATHERLIE, D pinch hit for ARNOLD, RJ.
SATHERLIE, D flied out to cf (1-0).
DE LA CRUZ doubled to center field (0-0).2
KAPLAN, Kris singled through the left side (1-1); DE LA CRUZ advanced to third.
SHUL, Craig pinch hit for JIMENEZ, R..
SHUL, Craig flied out to lf (0-0).