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San Francisco Play-by-Play

Apr 26, 2012 at San Francisco, CA (Benedetti Diamond)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
HALL struck out looking.0
GUENTHER grounded out to 1b unassisted.1
BRUGMAN reached on a fielding error by ss.2
BRUGMAN stole second.
CALDWELL struck out swinging.
MAFFEI reached on a fielding error by ss.0
MAFFEI stole second.
MAHOOD grounded out to p unassisted, SAC, bunt; MAFFEI advanced to third.
N.BALOG singled to right field, RBI; MAFFEI scored, unearned.101
CLEAR singled to center field; N.BALOG advanced to second.
HENDRIKS flied out to lf.
CLEAR stole second; N.BALOG stole third.2
MORIOKA singled to center field, 2 RBI; CLEAR scored, unearned; N.BALOG scored, unearned.03
MORIOKA out at first p to 1b, picked off.
Inning 2
WOLFE walked.0
WHITNEY singled to center field; WOLFE advanced to second.
ROBINSON singled to center field; WHITNEY advanced to second; WOLFE advanced to third.
LAW lined out to 2b.
WELLS struck out looking.1
HALL struck out looking.2
LEMASTERS singled to center field, advanced to second on a throwing error by cf, advanced to third.0
DENHAM reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop, RBI; LEMASTERS scored, unearned.04
GARCIA grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; DENHAM advanced to second.
MAFFEI grounded out to ss; DENHAM advanced to third.1
MAHOOD singled to third base, bunt, RBI; DENHAM scored, unearned.205
N.BALOG struck out swinging.
Inning 3
GUENTHER singled through the right side.0
BRUGMAN flied out to lf.
CALDWELL singled to center field; GUENTHER advanced to second.1
WOLFE struck out looking.
WHITNEY walked; CALDWELL advanced to second; GUENTHER advanced to third.2
ROBINSON grounded out to 2b.
CLEAR hit by pitch.0
HENDRIKS reached on a fielder's choice; CLEAR out at second 3b to 2b.
MORIOKA reached on a fielding error by ss; HENDRIKS advanced to second.1
LEMASTERS doubled to center field, RBI; MORIOKA advanced to third; HENDRIKS scored, unearned.06
DENHAM grounded out to ss.
GARCIA singled to shortstop, RBI; LEMASTERS advanced to third, out at third 1b to 3b; MORIOKA scored, unearned.207
Inning 4
LAW flied out to cf.0
WELLS lined out to 2b.1
HALL struck out looking.2
MAFFEI flied out to rf.0
MAHOOD grounded out to 3b.1
N.BALOG walked.2
CLEAR doubled to left field; N.BALOG advanced to third.
HENDRIKS flied out to lf.
Inning 5
GUENTHER out at first p to ss to 1b.0
BRUGMAN grounded out to 2b.1
CALDWELL popped up to 3b.2
MORIOKA singled to third base.0
LEMASTERS singled to right field; MORIOKA advanced to second.
DENHAM reached on a fielding error by rf; LEMASTERS advanced to second; MORIOKA advanced to third.
GARCIA flied out to cf.
MAFFEI flied out to cf, SF, RBI; LEMASTERS advanced to third; MORIOKA scored, unearned.108
MAHOOD reached on a fielder's choice; DENHAM out at second 2b to ss.2
Inning 6
WOLFE out at first 1b to p.0
WHITNEY grounded out to ss.1
ROBINSON struck out swinging.2
N.BALOG popped up to ss.0
CLEAR singled to center field.1
HENDRIKS grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b; CLEAR out on the play.
Inning 7
LEE to p for BOBB.0
LAW flied out to rf.
WELLS lined out to 2b.1
HALL popped up to ss.2
MILKE to p for CAPPER.0
MORIOKA struck out swinging.
LEMASTERS walked.1
B.ZIMMER pinch hit for DENHAM.
B.ZIMMER walked; LEMASTERS advanced to second.
GARCIA doubled down the lf line, 2 RBI; B.ZIMMER scored; LEMASTERS scored.010
MAFFEI singled to center field; GARCIA advanced to third.
BARRY pinch hit for MAHOOD.
BARRY struck out swinging.
MAFFEI advanced to second on a passed ball; GARCIA scored on a passed ball, unearned.2011
MAFFEI advanced to third on a passed ball.
N.BALOG struck out swinging, reached first on a passed ball; MAFFEI scored on a passed ball, unearned.012
CLEAR grounded out to ss.
Inning 8
BARRY to lf.0
B.ZIMMER to rf.
WEST to p for LEE.
GUENTHER flied out to rf.
MUA pinch hit for BRUGMAN.1
MUA popped up to 2b.
LENGAL pinch hit for CALDWELL.2
LENGAL struck out swinging.
MUA to lf.0
LENGAL to rf.
PARRY to p for MILKE.
CHAVEZ singled to shortstop.
SCHULTZ walked; CHAVEZ advanced to second.
WEIKS reached on a fielder's choice; SCHULTZ out at second p to ss; CHAVEZ advanced to third.
B.ZIMMER grounded into double play 1b to ss to 1b; WEIKS out on the play.1
JARVIS pinch hit for GUENTHER.3
Inning 9
FRAMPTON pinch hit for WOLFE.0
GRAFF to p for WEST.
FRAMPTON flied out to rf.
WHITNEY doubled to left field.1
ROBINSON struck out swinging.
LOPEZ pinch hit for LAW.2
LOPEZ struck out swinging.
JARVIS to c.0
LOPEZ to 2b.