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UCLA Drive Summaries

Sep 13, 2008 at Provo, UT (LaVell Edwards Stadium)

  BYU Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
12:5914:50BY 251175TD
06:2010:30BY 1830PUNT
04:1614:46BY 201380TD
12:5920:00UCLA 310TD
12:3022:31UCLA 30530TD
09:5920:17UCLA 25325TD
06:5726:43UCLA 481348TD
14:5232:10BY 34621INT
11:1633:33BY 31769TD
06:3333:25UCLA 43636FG
01:1430:35UCLA 16216TD
10:3844:04BY 20730PUNT
03:5843:58BY 12934HALF
  UCLA Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
15:0012:01UCLA 2039PUNT
08:0911:49UCLA 20518PUNT
05:5011:34UCLA 3939PUNT
14:2221:17UCLA 383-1FUMB
12:5920:29UCLA 20210FUMB
10:0720:08UCLA 2302FUMB
09:3422:37UCLA 45940FGA
00:1420:14UCLA 3030HALF
12:4231:26UCLA 43626DOWNS
07:3631:03UCLA 3449DOWNS
03:0831:54UCLA 20411INT
00:3334:55UCLA 431048FGA
06:3442:36UCLA 20530PUNT