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New Mexico Drive Summaries

Oct 11, 2008 at Provo, UT (LaVell Edwards Stadium)

  BYU Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
11:5211:38BY 28420PUNT
04:3812:22BY 9520PUNT
11:3825:04BY 51095TD
03:2523:19UNM 471115FGA
14:5234:06BY 30618PUNT
08:4632:38BY 31669TD
04:3431:40BY 4338PUNT
00:1432:03BY 35526PUNT
07:0243:57BY 241276TD
00:3240:32BY 4910HALF
  New Mexico Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
15:0013:08UNM 23615PUNT
10:1415:36UNM 61036PUNT
02:1615:36UNM 251265FG
06:3423:09UNM 20727FUMB
00:0620:06UNM 321-1HALF
10:4632:00UNM 1036PUNT
06:0131:27UNM 2634PUNT
02:5432:40UNM 6633INT
13:1146:09UNM 201656DOWNS
03:0542:33UNM 201031DOWNS