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Florida State Drive Summaries

Sep 18, 2010 at Tallahassee, FL (Doak Campbell Stadium)

  BYU Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
12:5512:15BY 2234PUNT
08:0612:46BY 1256PUNT
00:3111:41BY 24619INT
12:1320:53BY 1723FUMB
09:5622:02BY 20420PUNT
07:4023:14BY 40749FG
02:1021:56BY 291171TD
15:0030:51BY 2036PUNT
07:1634:44BY 20917PUNT
00:5532:15BY 20612PUNT
05:4141:43BY 208-13DOWNS
01:3541:29BY 20712DOWNS
  Florida State Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
15:0012:05FS 2035PUNT
10:4012:34FS 34654FUMB
05:2014:44FS 301062FG
13:5021:37FS 483-2PUNT
11:2021:24BY 204-9FG
07:5420:14FS 17183TD
04:2022:10FS 2039PUNT
00:1020:10FS 321-2HALF
14:0936:53FS 371463TD
02:3231:37FS 14486TD
13:4047:59FS 251458FGA
03:5842:23BY 747TD
00:0640:06BY 321-2HALF