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Oregon State Drive Summaries

Oct 15, 2011 at Corvallis, OR (Reser Stadium)

  BYU Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
12:3017:28BY 181282TD
14:1124:48OSU 50950TD
03:4620:44BY 2126FUMB
01:3820:20BY 24322INT
01:1821:18BY 201347FGA
15:0033:44BY 20780TD
09:2930:58BY 24540FGA
08:2532:06OSU 3943PUNT
05:0731:41OSU 36620FG
02:0336:24BY 341266TD
07:0943:32BY 31669TD
00:2240:22OSU 381-1HALF
  Oregon State Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
15:0012:30OSU 27613PUNT
04:5715:46OSU 251265INT
09:1525:24OSU 281172TD
03:0221:24BY 2743FGA
01:1820:00BY 000TD
00:0020:00OSU 1000HALF
11:0631:37BY 39415INT
08:3130:06OSU 3613FUMB
06:1931:12OSU 25311FUMB
03:2031:12OSU 23377TD
10:3343:24OSU 17952FGA
03:3243:09OSU 271573TD