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No. 5 Notre Dame Drive Summaries

Oct 20, 2012 at South Bend, IN (Notre Dame Stadium)

  BYU Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
11:1713:46BYU 23942INT
05:3211:28BYU 193-5PUNT
01:3011:40BYU 2533PUNT
11:5923:34BYU 44856TD
07:3521:28ND 30430TD
02:3022:09BYU 2036PUNT
15:0033:28BYU 20615PUNT
10:1633:45BYU 26946FGA
02:2530:59BYU 2537PUNT
12:5246:42BYU 161350PUNT
00:2240:20BYU 201-10INT
  Notre Dame Drive Summary
StartQuarterPossBall AtPlaysYardsResult
15:0013:43ND 21756FGA
07:3111:59ND 343-5PUNT
04:0412:34ND 36564TD
14:5022:51ND 196-4PUNT
08:2520:50ND 2536INT
06:0723:37ND 221067FGA
00:2120:21ND 191-2HALF
11:3231:16ND 1435PUNT
06:3134:06ND 28765FG
01:2633:34ND 28872TD
06:1045:48ND 20948PUNT
00:0240:02BYU 391-2HALF