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Santa Clara Play-by-Play

Oct 12, 2013 at Santa Clara, CA (Stevens Stadium)

Period 1
00:00GOALIEOWENS, Erica at goalie for Brigham Young Univ..00
00:00GOALIETOSTANOSKI, Andi at goalie for Santa Clara.00
03:25OFFSIDEOffside against Santa Clara.00
04:25CORNERCorner kick by BY [04:25].00
05:39SHOTShot by BY FERNANDES, Niki HIGH.00
06:34SHOTShot by SCU HUERTA, Sofia, SAVE OWENS, Erica.00
07:42HDRHeader Shot by SCU MARLBOROUGH, Morgan HIGH.00
09:17OFFSIDEOffside against Santa Clara.00
10:41GOALGOAL by BY JEPSON SMITH, Colett (FIRST GOAL), Assist by THORNOCK, Jaiden.10
11:57SHOTShot by SCU HUERTA, Sofia, SAVE OWENS, Erica.10
16:21OFFSIDEOffside against Brigham Young Univ..10
19:12SHOTShot by SCU HUERTA, Sofia WIDE.10
19:17SUBSCU substitution: WEATHERHOLT, Dani for ROBERTSON, Paige.10
21:37SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden, SAVE TOSTANOSKI, Andi.10
22:44CORNERCorner kick by SCU [22:44].10
25:05SUBBY substitution: CHAMBERS, Sarah for THORNOCK, Jaiden.10
25:05SUBBY substitution: MEDEIROS, Elena for FERNANDES, Niki.10
28:15SUBBY substitution: NIMMER, Marissa for JEPSON SMITH, Colett.10
29:04HDRHeader Shot by SCU JACKSON, Sarah HIGH.10
FOULFoul on Santa Clara.10
32:47CORNERCorner kick by SCU [32:47].10
33:32SUBBY substitution: DEARDEN, Brittain for JOHNSON, Ella.10
FOULFoul on Santa Clara.10
39:40GOALGOAL by SCU HUERTA, Sofia, Assist by JOHNSTON, Julie.11
42:46OFFSIDEOffside against Santa Clara.11
45:00END-PRDEnd of period [45:00].11
Period 2
45:00PRDStart of 2nd period [45:00].11
FOULFoul on Brigham Young Univ..11
46:36SHOTShot by SCU JACKSON, Sarah WIDE.11
FOULFoul on Brigham Young Univ..11
47:46SHOTShot by BY COLOHAN, Cloee HIT POST.11
48:49OFFSIDEOffside against Santa Clara.11
50:16CORNERCorner kick by SCU [50:16].11
51:53CORNERCorner kick by SCU [51:53].11
53:45SHOTShot by SCU MARLBOROUGH, Morgan HIGH.11
56:42SUBSCU substitution: SPEIDEL, Katie for JACKSON, Sarah.11
FOULFoul on Brigham Young Univ..11
57:04YCYellow card on BY COLOHAN, Cloee.11
57:11SHOTShot by SCU JESOLVA, Jordan WIDE.11
FOULFoul on Brigham Young Univ..11
FOULFoul on Brigham Young Univ..11
58:59SHOTShot by SCU HUERTA, Sofia HIT POST.11
59:21SUBSCU substitution: ROBERTSON, Paige for HUERTA, Sofia.11
59:21SUBSCU substitution: BIRGEL, Aly for JESOLVA, Jordan.11
FOULFoul on Santa Clara.11
62:46SHOTShot by SCU WEATHERHOLT, Dani, SAVE OWENS, Erica.11
63:38SHOTShot by SCU BIRGEL, Aly, SAVE OWENS, Erica.11
64:01SUBBY substitution: CHAMBERS, Sarah for FERNANDES, Niki.11
64:33OFFSIDEOffside against Santa Clara.11
66:00SHOTShot by SCU MARLBOROUGH, Morgan, SAVE OWENS, Erica.11
66:56SUBBY substitution: MEDEIROS, Elena for THORNOCK, Jaiden.11
68:25CORNERCorner kick by BY [68:25].11
69:07SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel HIGH.11
69:11SUBSCU substitution: JESOLVA, Jordan for WEATHERHOLT, Dani.11
69:11SUBSCU substitution: HUERTA, Sofia for ROBERTSON, Paige.11
69:11SUBSCU substitution: MCAULIFFE, Kat for MARLBOROUGH, Morgan.11
69:51SUBBY substitution: ROYALL, Kyleigh for COLOHAN, Cloee.11
71:21HDRHeader Shot by SCU JOHNSTON, Julie, SAVE OWENS, Erica.11
73:00SUBBY substitution: NIMMER, Marissa for JEPSON SMITH, Colett.11
73:50CORNERCorner kick by BY [73:50].11
74:53SUBBY substitution: COLOHAN, Cloee for HATCH, Ashley.11
76:34SUBSCU substitution: MARLBOROUGH, Morgan for JOHNSTON, Julie.11
80:55SHOTShot by SCU MARLBOROUGH, Morgan WIDE.11
81:44SUBSCU substitution: JOHNSTON, Julie for MCAULIFFE, Kat.11
82:58GOALGOAL by SCU SPEIDEL, Katie, Assist by MARLBOROUGH, Morgan.12
83:55SUBBY substitution: COLOHAN, Cloee for ROYALL, Kyleigh.12
83:55SUBBY substitution: JEPSON SMITH, Colett for JOHNSON, Ella.12
83:55SUBSCU substitution: WEATHERHOLT, Dani for MARLBOROUGH, Morgan.12
FOULFoul on Santa Clara.12
86:31SUBBY substitution: FERNANDES, Niki for CHAMBERS, Sarah.12
86:31SUBBY substitution: THORNOCK, Jaiden for MEDEIROS, Elena.12
87:31SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden, SAVE TOSTANOSKI, Andi.12
88:34SUBSCU substitution: ROBERTSON, Paige for SPEIDEL, Katie.12
88:34SUBSCU substitution: MCAULIFFE, Kat for WEATHERHOLT, Dani.12
89:30CORNERCorner kick by BY [89:30].12
90:00END-PRDEnd of period [90:00].12