Sep 13, 2012 at Provo, UT (South Field)

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Period 1
00:00GOALIEGiannetti, Alyssa at goalie for Cal Poly.00
00:00GOALIEOWENS, Erica at goalie for BYU.00
04:38GOALGOAL by CP Kobinski, Cici (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Duller, Jess.10
05:33OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.10
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.10
FOULFoul on BYU.10
09:44SHOTShot by BY MURPHY, Michele, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.10
10:13SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel BLOCKED.10
15:14SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel BLOCKED.10
15:20SHOTShot by BY BAZZARONE, Ashley, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.10
16:50SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.10
18:37GOALGOAL by BY MURPHY, Michele, Assist by MANNING, Rachel, goal number 5 for season.11
21:19SUBCP substitution: Heer, Lauren for Walker, Haley.11
FOULFoul on BYU.11
23:18SHOTShot by BY MURPHY, Michele BLOCKED.11
23:24PENSHOTBY P. HOLMOE, Carlee PENALTY KICK GOAL, goal number 3 for season.11
23:24SUBCP substitution: Farrington, Cristina for Kobinski, Cici.11
23:24SUBCP substitution: Epps, Sara for Lancaster, Sara.11
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.11
24:50CORNERCorner kick by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica [24:50].11
24:58SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden WIDE LEFT.11
25:37SHOTShot by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.11
26:04SUBBY substitution: HUNT, Paige for JENSEN, Cami.11
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.11
28:11SHOTShot by CP Duller, Jess HIGH.11
28:18SUBBY substitution: ROYALL, Kyleigh for COLOHAN, Cloee.11
29:31GOALGOAL by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden, Assist by P. HOLMOE, Carlee, goal number 4 for season.13
30:16SHOTShot by CP Farrington, Cristina BLOCKED.13
FOULFoul on BYU.13
32:11SHOTShot by CP Krieghoff, Elise WIDE RIGHT.13
32:18SUBBY substitution: NIMMER, Marissa for THORNOCK, Jaiden.13
32:18SUBBY substitution: VARNER, Kayla for MURPHY, Michele.13
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.13
34:02CORNERCorner kick by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica [34:02].13
34:24SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel WIDE LEFT.13
FOULFoul on BYU.13
35:36SHOTShot by CP McKee, Julie WIDE LEFT.13
41:05SHOTShot by BY P. HOLMOE, Carlee HIGH.13
41:45SHOTShot by CP Krieghoff, Elise, SAVE OWENS, Erica.13
42:09CORNERCorner kick by CP Duller, Jess [42:09].13
FOULFoul on BYU.13
43:28SHOTShot by CP Heer, Lauren WIDE RIGHT.13
00:00END-PRDEnd of period [00:00].13
Period 2
45:00PRDStart of 2nd period [45:00].13
45:42SHOTShot by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.13
45:48SHOTShot by BY COLOHAN, Cloee, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.13
45:48SUBCP substitution: Hong, Tracy for Rittmann, Breanna.13
46:50SHOTShot by CP Lancaster, Sara WIDE RIGHT.13
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.13
54:29SHOTShot by CP Kobinski, Cici, SAVE OWENS, Erica.13
57:49SHOTShot by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica WIDE LEFT.13
59:55CORNERCorner kick by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica [59:55].13
60:08SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden WIDE LEFT.13
60:41OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.13
65:28OFFSIDEOffside against Cal Poly.13
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.13
66:40OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.13
67:30SUBCP substitution: Epps, Sara for Hong, Tracy.13
68:37SHOTShot by CP Krieghoff, Elise, SAVE OWENS, Erica.13
70:12SHOTShot by BY O. CUSICK, Dana, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.13
70:37CORNERCorner kick by BY RINGWOOD, Jessica [70:37].13
70:48SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel BLOCKED.13
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.13
71:55PENSHOTPENALTY KICK by BY O. CUSICK, Dana MISSED, save Giannetti, Alyssa.13
72:40SHOTShot by BY P. HOLMOE, Carlee, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.13
73:06SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden WIDE LEFT.13
73:34OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.13
75:08SHOTShot by BY MANNING, Rachel HIGH.13
75:12SUBCP substitution: Farrington, Cristina for Krieghoff, Elise.13
75:26SUBCP substitution: Zander, Jordyn for Heer, Lauren.13
75:26SUBBY substitution: RINGWOOD, Jessica for ROYALL, Kyleigh.13
76:53SHOTShot by BY ROYALL, Kyleigh WIDE RIGHT.13
77:15CORNERCorner kick by BY MURPHY, Michele [77:15].13
77:21GOALGOAL by BY L. CUTSHALL, Lindsi, Assist by O. CUSICK, Dana and MURPHY, Michele, goal number 2 for season.14
79:07OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.14
80:02SHOTShot by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.14
80:09SUBBY substitution: AMOS, Annie for COLOHAN, Cloee.14
80:09SUBBY substitution: CHAMBERS, Sarah for P. HOLMOE, Carlee.14
80:09SUBBY substitution: NIMMER, Marissa for MANNING, Rachel.14
80:09SUBCP substitution: Walker, Haley for McKee, Julie.14
80:09SUBCP substitution: Wheeler, Nicole for Held, Kacey.14
80:09SUBCP substitution: Krieghoff, Elise for Epps, Sara.14
80:48CORNERCorner kick by BY THORNOCK, Jaiden [80:48].14
FOULFoul on Cal Poly.14
82:01SUBCP substitution: Fasi, Casi for Duller, Jess.14
83:33SUBBY substitution: WADSWORTH, Amber for MURPHY, Michele.14
83:33SUBBY substitution: GREEN, Camille for O. CUSICK, Dana.14
84:11SUBBY substitution: DICKSON, Angelica for THORNOCK, Jaiden.14
84:34GOALGOAL by BY NIMMER, Marissa, goal number 1 for season.15
84:34SUBBY substitution: WOOD, Courtnee for BAZZARONE, Ashley.15
86:10SHOTShot by BY B. HEAP, Stacy, SAVE Giannetti, Alyssa.15
86:32SHOTShot by BY DICKSON, Angelica HIGH.15
86:41SUBBY substitution: VARNER, Kayla for L. CUTSHALL, Lindsi.15
86:53OFFSIDEOffside against BYU.15
FOULFoul on BYU.15
90:00END-PRDEnd of period [90:00].15