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Loyola Marymount Play-by-Play

Feb 20, 2002 at Los Angeles, CA

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
PRINGLE reached on a fielder's choice; VANDERLINDON out at second p to ss.
BOYDSTON hit into double play lf to 1b; PRINGLE out on the play.1
CERECEDES homered, RBI.001
HUNT singled to third base.
HUNT out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
KAMINAKA lined out to rf.1
STRINZ singled to second base.2
GOMES singled to right field; STRINZ advanced to second.
HELIOTES singled to center field, RBI; GOMES advanced to third; STRINZ scored.02
JORDT walked; HELIOTES advanced to second.
JULIAN walked, RBI; JORDT advanced to second; HELIOTES advanced to third; GOMES scored.03
SCHAUB flied out to rf.
Inning 2
KEOHOHOU struck out swinging.0
CADIENTE singled to left field.1
FALLOWFIELD struck out looking.
WALKER singled to center field, advanced to second; CADIENTE advanced to third.2
LAYNS reached on an error by p; WALKER advanced to third; CADIENTE scored, unearned.13
ROBERTS grounded out to ss.
CERECEDES struck out swinging.0
HUNT doubled to center field.1
KAMINAKA singled to center field; HUNT advanced to third.
STRINZ singled to left field, RBI; KAMINAKA advanced to second; HUNT scored.14
GOMES singled to center field, RBI; STRINZ advanced to second; KAMINAKA advanced to third, scored on the throw.15
HELIOTES struck out swinging.
JORDT flied out to lf.2
Inning 3
VANDERLINDON grounded out to 2b.0
PRINGLE flied out to cf.1
BOYDSTON grounded out to ss.2
JULIAN walked.0
SCHAUB singled, bunt, advanced to second on the throw; JULIAN advanced to second, advanced to third on an error by c.
CERECEDES reached on a fielder's choice; SCHAUB advanced to third on the throw; JULIAN out at home 3b to c to ss.
HUNT grounded out to 2b; CERECEDES advanced to second.1
KAMINAKA struck out swinging.2
Inning 4
KEOHOHOU walked.0
CADIENTE homered to left field, 2 RBI; KEOHOHOU scored.35
WALKER out at first c to 2b, SAC; FALLOWFIELD advanced to second.
LAYNS struck out swinging.1
ROBERTS grounded out to p.2
STRINZ grounded out to 2b.0
GOMES singled to shortstop.1
HELIOTES grounded out to 3b; GOMES advanced to second on the throw, advanced to third on an error by ss.
JORDT hit by pitch.2
JORDT advanced to second on an error by c.
JULIAN walked.
SCHAUB flied out to lf.
Inning 5
VANDERLINDON doubled to left field.0
PRINGLE singled, bunt; VANDERLINDON advanced to third.
BOYDSTON flied out to lf, SF, RBI; PRINGLE advanced to second; VANDERLINDON scored.45
JONES pinch ran for PRINGLE.1
KEOHOHOU struck out swinging; JONES out at second c to 2b.
PRINGLE to 2b for JONES.0
CERECEDES out at first 1b to 2b.
HUNT struck out swinging.1
KAMINAKA popped up to 1b.2
Inning 6
CADIENTE grounded out to 1b unassisted.0
WALKER out at first 3b to rf.
LAYNS singled to pitcher; FALLOWFIELD advanced to second.2
ROBERTS walked; LAYNS advanced to second; FALLOWFIELD advanced to third.
VANDERLINDON struck out swinging.
STRINZ homered to center field, RBI.046
GOMES singled to left field.
ROGALSKY doubled to left field; GOMES advanced to third.
JORDT lined out to ss.
JULIAN flied out to lf.1
SCHAUB singled to second base, RBI; ROGALSKY advanced to third; GOMES scored.247
CERECEDES singled to center field, RBI; SCHAUB advanced to second; ROGALSKY scored.48
HUNT walked; CERECEDES advanced to second; SCHAUB advanced to third.
KAMINAKA singled to left field, RBI; HUNT advanced to second; CERECEDES scored; SCHAUB scored.410
STRINZ homered to left field, 3 RBI; KAMINAKA scored; HUNT scored.413