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San Diego State Play-by-Play

Apr 22, 2005 at Provo, UT (Gail Miller Field)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
HARTUNG grounded out to 2b.0
MAHONEY grounded out to 2b.1
SMITH doubled down the rf line.2
MCDONALD grounded out to 3b.
WATSON-PERRY struck out looking.0
CHAMBERLAIN singled up the middle.1
PARAMORE popped up to 1b.
LE'I fouled out to ss.2
Inning 2
CASILLAS grounded out to 2b.0
CRAFT flied out to ss.1
MARKHAM fouled out to ss.2
RUSSELL grounded out to p.0
URINCHO grounded out to 3b.1
WHITELEY lined out to 1b.2
Inning 3
BEASLEY walked.0
BOYER out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt; BEASLEY advanced to second.
HARTUNG walked.1
MAHONEY grounded out to p, SAC; HARTUNG advanced to second; BEASLEY advanced to third.
SMITH fouled out to c.2
NORTON doubled to left field.0
DODDS out at first p to 2b, SAC, bunt; NORTON advanced to third.
WATSON-PERRY intentionally walked.1
CHAMBERLAIN grounded out to p, SAC; WATSON-PERRY advanced to second.
PARAMORE singled down the lf line, 2 RBI; WATSON-PERRY scored; NORTON scored.220
LE'I lined out to 3b.
Inning 4
MCDONALD grounded out to p.0
CASILLAS grounded out to 3b.1
CRAFT grounded out to 3b.2
RUSSELL homered to center field, RBI.030
URINCHO flied out to lf.
WHITELEY popped up to ss.1
NORTON popped up to 3b.2
Inning 5
MARKHAM singled to left field.0
BEASLEY singled to center field; MARKHAM advanced to second.
BOYER struck out swinging.
MARKHAM failed pickoff attempt.1
HARTUNG out at first p to 2b, SAC, bunt; BEASLEY advanced to second; MARKHAM advanced to third.
CARRANZA pinch hit for MAHONEY.2
CARRANZA struck out looking.
DODDS doubled to left field.
WATSON-PERRY flied out to ss.
CHAMBERLAIN struck out looking.1
PARAMORE singled to right field, RBI; DODDS scored.240
JONES pinch ran for PARAMORE.
LE'I fouled out to lf.
Inning 6
JONES to rf.0
SMITH struck out swinging.
MCDONALD grounded out to ss.1
CASILLAS flied out to cf.2
RUSSELL doubled to left center.
SNOW pinch ran for RUSSELL.
URINCHO popped up to c.
WHITELEY struck out looking.1
NORTON homered to center field, 2 RBI; SNOW scored.260
DODDS fouled out to lf.
Inning 7
RUSSELL to 3b for SNOW.0
WELLS pinch hit for CRAFT.
WELLS grounded out to p.
MARKHAM grounded out to 3b.1
BEASLEY singled to left field.2
BOYER struck out swinging.