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No. 5 Stanford Play-by-Play

Mar 11, 2006 at Stanford, CA (Smith Family Stadium)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
Penna to p.0
/ for McCullough.
RAMIREZ struck out swinging.
CHAMBERLAIN grounded out to ss.1
LE`I singled to left field.2
RUSSELL struck out swinging.
Morris grounded out to p.0
Lappin walked.1
Lappin stole second.
Coon singled to left center; Lappin advanced to third.
Smith flied out to rf, SF, RBI; Lappin scored on the throw.01
Rinehart grounded out to p.2
Inning 2
PARAMORE struck out looking.0
URINCHO struck out swinging.1
WHITELEY struck out swinging.2
Howe struck out swinging.0
Penna walked.1
Aggabao singled up the middle; Penna advanced to second.
Beardman struck out swinging.
Morris walked; Aggabao advanced to second; Penna advanced to third.2
Lappin flied out to rf.
Inning 3
NORTON grounded out to ss.0
SNOW struck out swinging.1
RAMIREZ struck out swinging.2
Coon singled to second base.0
Smith grounded out to 2b; Coon advanced to second.
Rinehart flied out to 1b.1
Howe grounded out to 2b.2
Inning 4
CHAMBERLAIN grounded out to 2b.0
LE`I popped up to 2b.1
RUSSELL walked.2
PARAMORE walked; RUSSELL advanced to second.
PLATT pinch ran for RUSSELL.
URINCHO grounded out to p.
RUSSELL to 3b for PLATT.0
Penna singled to left field.
Aggabao reached on a fielder's choice; Penna out at second p to c.
Beardman singled up the middle; Aggabao advanced to second.1
Morris singled up the middle; Beardman advanced to second; Aggabao advanced to third.
Lappin singled up the middle, 2 RBI; Morris advanced to second; Beardman advanced to third, scored on the throw; Aggabao scored.03
Coon doubled down the lf line, RBI; Lappin advanced to third; Morris scored.04
Smith singled, 2 RBI; Coon scored; Lappin scored.06
Rinehart grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; Smith advanced to second.
Howe grounded out to 1b unassisted.2
Inning 5
WHITELEY struck out swinging.0
NORTON fouled out to c.1
SNOW struck out looking.2
NIX to c for SNOW.0
Penna singled to right field.
Aggabao struck out swinging.
Beardman singled to right field; Penna advanced to second.1
Morris singled to second base; Beardman advanced to second; Penna advanced to third.
Lappin flied out to cf, SF, RBI; Morris advanced to second; Beardman advanced to third; Penna scored.07
Coon walked.2
Smith struck out swinging.
Inning 6
RAMIREZ grounded out to ss.0
CHAMBERLAIN reached on an error by 1b.1
CHAMBERLAIN stole second.
LE`I struck out swinging.
RUSSELL flied out to cf.2
HOCH to 3b for RUSSELL.0
Rinehart singled to shortstop.
Howe singled to left field; Rinehart advanced to second.
Penna singled to center field, RBI; Howe advanced to second; Rinehart advanced to third, scored on the throw.08