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No. 9 Georgia Tech Play-by-Play

Feb 19, 2010 at Las Vegas, NV (Eller Media Stadium)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
Yee singled to pitcher (2-0 BB).0
Weseman struck out swinging (2-2 KKBBS).
Yee stole second.1
Rush popped up to ss (3-2 SBBKB).
Priebe grounded out to ss (3-2 BBFKB).2
DELAHOUSSAYE singled to left field (1-1 BK).0
MESSERSCHMID reached on a fielder's choice (0-2 KK); DELAHOUSSAYE out at second ss to 2b.
MESSERSCHMID advanced to second on a wild pitch.1
QUIOCHO singled to center field (2-2 BFBS); MESSERSCHMID advanced to third.
QUIOCHO stole second.
PURCELL-FITU struck out swinging (1-2 FBSS).
RAMIREZ grounded out to 3b (0-1 S).2
Inning 2
Sinclair popped up to 2b (2-2 BKBSF).0
Adkins singled to left field (1-2 KBFF).1
Kuzma singled to left center (1-1 BK); Adkins advanced to second.
Kuzma advanced to second on a wild pitch; Adkins advanced to third on a wild pitch.
Weaver struck out looking (2-2 BBKFK).
Jordan pinch hit for Jones.2
Jordan struck out looking (1-2 BKSK).
Jones to cf for Jordan.0
HUDSON singled up the middle (1-0 B).
WILLARD struck out swinging (0-2 FSS).
VANCE-KELLUM struck out swinging (1-2 SSBS).1
CLAYTON struck out swinging (2-2 BBKSS).2
Inning 3
Yee walked (3-2 BKBBKFFFFFB).0
Weseman struck out looking (0-2 FFK).
Rush doubled down the rf line (1-0 B); Yee advanced to third, out at home rf to c.1
Priebe struck out swinging (2-2 BKFFBFS).2
DELAHOUSSAYE grounded out to p (1-1 KB).0
QUIOCHO grounded out to c unassisted, bunt (0-1 F).
MESSERSCHMID stole second.2
PURCELL-FITU singled to shortstop (0-2 KK); MESSERSCHMID out at second ss unassisted, interference.
Inning 4
Sinclair homered to left field, RBI (0-0).001
Adkins walked (3-0 BBBB).
Kuzma out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt (1-0 B); Adkins advanced to second.
Weaver homered to right center, 2 RBI (0-1 K); Adkins scored.103
Jones grounded out to p (2-2 BBFS).
Yee walked (3-2 BBKFFBFFB).2
Weseman homered to right center, 2 RBI (2-1 SBB); Yee scored.05
Rush struck out swinging (2-2 FBBKS).
RAMIREZ grounded out to ss (0-2 FKF).0
HUDSON doubled to left center (0-0).1
WILLARD homered to right field, 2 RBI (3-2 BBKBFFF); HUDSON scored.25
VANCE-KELLUM popped up to ss (1-2 KBS).
CLAYTON singled to center field (0-2 FK).2
DELAHOUSSAYE grounded out to p (0-1 K).
Inning 5
Priebe walked (3-2 BBSFBB).0
Sinclair grounded into double play 3b to 2b to 1b (3-1 BBKB); Priebe out on the play.
Adkins popped up to 2b (1-1 BS).2
MESSERSCHMID walked (3-0 BBBB).0
MESSERSCHMID advanced to second on a wild pitch.
QUIOCHO singled up the middle (3-2 BBFFFB); MESSERSCHMID advanced to third.
PURCELL-FITU singled up the middle, RBI (1-0 B); QUIOCHO advanced to second; MESSERSCHMID scored.35
RAMIREZ homered to left field, 3 RBI (0-1 K); PURCELL-FITU scored; QUIOCHO scored.65
HUDSON walked (3-2 BBFFBB).
Adkins to 3b.
Coan to p for Bear.
WILLARD reached on a fielder's choice (3-2 BKBSFB); HUDSON out at second ss to 2b.
VANCE-KELLUM reached on a fielder's choice (1-0 B); WILLARD out at second 2b unassisted.1
CLAYTON singled through the left side (2-2 KSFBB); VANCE-KELLUM advanced to second.2
THOMAS pinch ran for VANCE-KELLUM.
DELAHOUSSAYE walked (3-1 BBFBB); CLAYTON advanced to second; THOMAS advanced to third.
MESSERSCHMID reached on a fielder's choice (1-1 KB); DELAHOUSSAYE out at second ss to 2b.
Inning 6
Kuzma walked (3-2 BBBKFB).0
Weaver struck out looking (1-2 SBFK).
Jones struck out swinging (1-2 BFKS).1
Yee homered to right field, 2 RBI (1-1 BF); Kuzma scored.267
Weseman walked (3-1 BBFBB).
Rush popped up to 3b (0-0).
QUIOCHO popped up to p (3-2 SBBBF).0
PURCELL-FITU struck out swinging (2-2 SSBBS).1
RAMIREZ struck out swinging (2-2 BKSBS).2
Inning 7
Priebe grounded out to 2b (1-2 KBKF).0
Sinclair doubled down the lf line (1-0 B).1
Adkins walked (3-2 FFBFBBB).
Eppinger pinch ran for Sinclair.
Kuzma walked (3-2 KBKBFBFB); Adkins advanced to second; Eppinger advanced to third.
Weaver grounded out to 2b, RBI (1-1 KB); Kuzma advanced to second, advanced to third on an error by 1b; Adkins scored, unearned; Eppinger scored, scored on an error by lf, unearned.69
Sinclair to rf for Eppinger.2
Jones grounded out to 2b (0-0).
HUDSON walked (3-2 BKSBBFB).0
DUGAS pinch ran for HUDSON.
WILLARD walked (3-2 KBBFBFFB); DUGAS advanced to second.
VANCE-KELLUM homered to right center, 3 RBI (2-1 BSB); WILLARD scored; DUGAS scored.99
Rush to p.
/ for Coan.
CLAYTON popped up to ss (1-0 B).
DELAHOUSSAYE lined out to cf (0-2 KK).1
QUIOCHO flied out to lf (0-0).
Inning 8
HUDSON to cf for DUGAS.0
Jones placed on second.
Yee walked (3-1 BBBKB).
Weseman singled down the lf line (3-2 KFBBFFBF); Yee advanced to second; Jones advanced to third.
Rush singled up the middle, RBI (1-0 B); Weseman advanced to second; Yee advanced to third; Jones scored.910
Bear pinch ran for Rush.
Priebe reached on a fielder's choice (1-1 BK); Bear advanced to second; Weseman advanced to third; Yee out at home 3b to c.
Sinclair struck out swinging (1-2 FFBFS).1
Adkins struck out swinging (3-2 FBFBFBFFS).2
Rush to p for Bear.0
CLAYTON placed on second.
PURCELL-FITU out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt; CLAYTON advanced to third.
RAMIREZ struck out swinging (0-2 FKS).1
HUDSON walked (3-2 BKKBBB).2
HUDSON stole second.
WILLARD struck out swinging (1-2 KBKFS).