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No. 11 Oregon Play-by-Play

Feb 11, 2012 at Tempe, AZ (Arredondo Sports Complex)

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Inning 1
Dugas grounded out to ss.0
Messerschmid singled, bunt.1
Clayton reached on a fielder's choice; Messerschmid out at second p to 2b.
Willard popped up to p.2
Ceo, C struck out swinging.0
Takeda, J struck out swinging.1
Chambers, K struck out looking.2
Inning 2
Duckworth singled to left field.0
Goar flied out to cf.
Hudson, Al. struck out swinging; Duckworth stole second.1
Brawley struck out looking.2
Cuico, K struck out looking.0
Pappas, S flied out to rf.1
Howard, K lined out to lf.2
Inning 3
Hudson, An. walked.0
Dugas singled to shortstop; Hudson, An. advanced to second.
Millett pinch ran for Hudson, An..
Messerschmid singled down the lf line, RBI; Dugas advanced to second; Millett scored.10
flair off end of bat over 3b scores pinch runner from 2b.
Clayton reached on a fielder's choice; Messerschmid out at second 2b to ss; Dugas advanced to third.
Willard struck out looking; Clayton stole second.1
Moore tips glove, Howard dives for grounder, turns/fires barely beats runnr.2
Duckworth out at first p to 2b to 1b.
Hudson, An. to c for Millett.0
Peterson, A grounded out to 3b.
Sullivan, J struck out swinging.1
Burger, A walked.2
Ceo, C grounded out to 1b unassisted.
Inning 4
Goar struck out swinging.0
Hudson, Al. walked.1
Brawley flied out to lf.
Hudson, An. reached on an error by ss; Hudson, Al. advanced to second.2
Dugas singled to third base; Hudson, An. advanced to second; Hudson, Al. advanced to third.
Messerschmid grounded out to 3b.
Takeda, J struck out swinging, reached first on a passed ball.0
Chambers, K reached on a fielder's choice; Takeda, J out at second ss to 2b.
Cuico, K struck out swinging.1
Pappas, S singled to second base; Chambers, K advanced to second.2
Howard, K lined out to 3b.
Inning 5
Clayton walked.0
Willard popped up to lf.
Duckworth reached on an error by lf, advanced to second; Clayton advanced to third.1
Burger takes three steps back, turns wrong way, ball goes off glove.
Goar struck out swinging.
Manuma pinch hit for Hudson, Al..2
Manuma walked.
Toney pinch hit for Brawley.
Toney struck out swinging.
Hudson, Al. to cf for Manuma.0
Brawley to ss for Toney.
Peterson, A reached on an error by 3b.
Kotz, L pinch ran for Peterson, A.
Sullivan, J popped up to 3b.
Burger, A fouled out to lf.1
Ceo, C singled to center field; Kotz, L out at second cf to ss.2
Inning 6
Hudson, An. grounded out to p.0
Dugas singled down the lf line.1
Messerschmid struck out swinging.
Clayton singled to right center; Dugas out at second rf to 3b.2
Takeda, J flied out to rf.0
Chambers, K fouled out to lf.1
Cuico, K walked.2
Pappas, S doubled to left center; Cuico, K advanced to third.
Umphlett to p for Howell.
Howard, K singled to right field, RBI; Pappas, S advanced to third; Cuico, K scored.11
Peterson, A to dh for Kotz, L.
Peterson, A lined out to p.
Inning 7
Willard popped up to 1b.0
Duckworth singled to shortstop.1
Goar reached on a fielder's choice; Duckworth advanced to second on a throwing error by p.
Hudson, Al. grounded out to ss; Goar advanced to second; Duckworth advanced to third.
Brawley reached on an error by ss; Goar advanced to third; Duckworth scored, unearned.221
Oregon Head Coach Mike White ejected after discussing call with 1b umpire.
Hudson, An. grounded out to ss.
Nieto, C pinch hit for Sullivan, J.0
Nieto, C walked.
Sullivan, J to 3b for Nieto, C.
Burger, A struck out looking.
Ceo, C struck out swinging.1
Takeda, J grounded out to p.2