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UC Santa Barbara Play-by-Play

Feb 23, 2013 at Cathedral City, CA (Big League Dreams Complex)

Play NarrativeOuts
Inning 1
Soria grounded out to ss.0
Palomares grounded out to 1b unassisted.1
Wisdom doubled.2
Jennings singled, RBI; Wisdom scored.01
Pilpil grounded out to 2b.
CLAYTON grounded out to ss.0
MILLETT grounded out to c.1
BRAVO struck out swinging.2
Inning 2
Boser singled.0
Tetzlaff reached on a fielder's choice; Boser out at second 3b to 2b.
Tetzlaff out at second c to ss, caught stealing.1
Stark struck out swinging.2
Wisdom to rf.0
Tetzlaff to dh.
MANUMA grounded out to ss.
SHAMO struck out swinging.1
ARNOLD flied out to cf.2
Inning 3
Reichner struck out, out at first c to 1b.0
Soria singled, bunt.1
Palomares doubled, RBI; Soria advanced to third.
Wisdom struck out, out at first c to 1b; Soria stole home.02
Jennings walked.2
Pilpil popped up to ss.
TAUALI'I flied out to rf.0
HUDSON popped up to 2b.1
ROBINSON popped up to 1b.2
Inning 4
Boser grounded out to p.0
Tetzlaff doubled.1
Stark reached on a fielding error by 1b; Tetzlaff advanced to third.
Reichner reached on a fielder's choice; Stark out at second 2b to ss; Tetzlaff scored, unearned.03
Soria grounded out to 1b unassisted.2
CLAYTON grounded out to 3b.0
MILLETT grounded out to ss.1
BRAVO walked.2
MANUMA flied out to cf.
Inning 5
Palomares lined out to ss.
Wisdom walked.1
Jennings walked; Wisdom advanced to second.
Pilpil hit by pitch; Jennings advanced to second; Wisdom advanced to third.
Boser walked, RBI; Pilpil advanced to second; Jennings advanced to third; Wisdom scored.04
Tetzlaff singled, advanced to second, 2 RBI; Boser advanced to second, advanced to third on an error by lf; Pilpil scored; Jennings scored.06
Stark walked.
Reichner grounded out to 3b, RBI; Stark advanced to second; Tetzlaff advanced to third; Boser scored.07
Soria grounded out to 1b unassisted.2
Wisdom to dh.0
Tetzlaff to rf.
SHAMO singled.
SHAMO advanced to second on a passed ball.
ARNOLD grounded out to 3b.
TAUALI'I reached on an error by ss; SHAMO advanced to third.1
TAUALI'I advanced to second; SHAMO scored on a wild pitch, unearned.17
HUDSON walked.
ROBINSON popped up to p.
Collins to p for Pingree.2
HUDSON advanced to second; TAUALI'I advanced to third on a wild pitch.
HUDSON advanced to third; TAUALI'I scored on an illegal pitch, unearned.27
CLAYTON singled, advanced to second, RBI; HUDSON scored, unearned.37
MILLETT struck out swinging.
Inning 6
ROBB to 3b for ROBINSON.0
Palomares walked.
Wisdom reached on a fielder's choice; Palomares out at second ss to 2b.
Jennings reached on an error by 3b; Wisdom advanced to second.1
Pilpil singled, RBI; Jennings advanced to third; Wisdom scored, unearned.38
Boser popped up to ss.
Tetzlaff singled, RBI; Pilpil advanced to third; Jennings scored, unearned.239
Tetzlaff stole second.
Stark walked.
Kane pinch ran for Stark.
Reichner struck out looking.
Stark to c for Kane.0
BRAVO singled.
MANUMA grounded out to c, SAC, bunt; BRAVO advanced to second.
SHAMO struck out swinging.1
ARNOLD grounded out to p.2
Inning 7
GOAR to rf for CLAYTON.0
MANUMA to 3b.
ARNOLD to 1b.
TAUALI'I to ss.
ROBB to dh.
BRAVO to 2b.
Soria lined out to ss.
Palomares singled.1
Wisdom reached on an error by ss; Palomares advanced to second.
Jennings reached on a fielder's choice; Wisdom out at second 2b to ss; Palomares advanced to third.
Pilpil walked; Jennings advanced to second; Palomares scored on a wild pitch, unearned.2310
Boser grounded out to p.
TAUALI'I singled.0
HUDSON singled; TAUALI'I advanced to second.
DAVIS pinch hit for ROBB.
DAVIS reached on a throwing error by p, advanced to second; HUDSON advanced to third; TAUALI'I scored.410
GOAR reached on a fielder's choice, RBI; DAVIS advanced to third; HUDSON scored, unearned.510
DUCKWORTH singled; GOAR advanced to second.
BRAVO singled, RBI; DUCKWORTH advanced to second; GOAR advanced to third; DAVIS scored, unearned.610
MANUMA homered, 4 RBI; BRAVO scored; DUCKWORTH scored; GOAR scored.1010
Wisdom to p.
/ for Collins.
SHAMO flied out to cf.
ARNOLD struck out swinging.1
TAUALI'I walked.2
HUDSON struck out looking.
Inning 8
Boser placed on second.0
Tetzlaff fouled out to c.
Stark grounded out to 3b.1
Reichner tripled, RBI; Boser scored.21011
Soria singled, RBI; Reichner scored.1012
Palomares flied out to lf.
HICKEN pinch hit for DAVIS.0
HUDSON placed on second.
HICKEN struck out swinging.
GOAR struck out swinging.1
DUCKWORTH flied out to cf.2