Why BYU?

WINNING TRADITIONWinning TraditionRanked No. 36 nationally for 2010, the BYU men’ s tennis team earned the title of conference champions in the Mountain West Conference with a 6-0 season. The team competed against 13 ranked teams, pulling off nine victories, and were invited to the NCAA Championships.

COACHING STAFFWinning TraditionBrad Pearce is entering his sixth season as head coach for the Cougars. In 2010, Pearce received the MWC and NCAA Mountain Region coach of the year awards. Pearce was also inducted into the Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame, the Utah Tennis Hall of Fame and the Utah Sports Hall of Fame since 2007. Before coming to BYU, Pearce had a successful professional career including quarterfinal appearances at Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the US Open.

COMPETITIVE SCHEDULECompetitive ScheduleThe Cougars have the opportunity to run against some of the top schools in the nation each year, including such powerhouses as Stanford and Colorado. With as many as two home meets in addition to several national and international competitions, the teams have various experience-building opportunities.

UNIVERSITYUniversityBrigham Young University, the largest private university in the nation, has an outstanding academic reputation and a strong commitment to athletics. Named the “best value” private college by The Princeton Review in 2005, the university offers a unique and beneficial experience to the attending students and faculty.

ACADEMICSAcademicsBYU has a high commitment to the success of the student-athletes. A full-time Academic Advisement staff, mentor and tutor programs, and a member of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, the university offers assistance at many different levels of the education process.

EXPOSUREExposureMany of BYU’s student athletic competitions are broadcast on BYU Television, which is available in 17 million homes nationwide via Dish Network and DirectTV and on cable in Northern Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada. The Mountain West Conference has also launched a new network station, the Mtn. Local cable providers can be contacted for more information.

ATHLETIC TRAININGAthletic TrainingBYU has a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning center with nearly 10,000 feet of working space that ranks among the nation’s best. It features 106 stations to accommodate both female and male athletes. BYU’s strength and conditioning staff includes certified athletic trainers, a sports physical therapist, a team physician, team orthopedic surgeons and a wide variety of other medical specialists. The staff has experienced excellent results through its computer-analyzed combination of a strict weight and conditioning program, a carefully planned diet and sufficient rest.

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