The 2008 BYU Football Media Guide has been designed to provide local, regional and national media with useful information about the BYU football program, its history and tradition. Should you require additional information, such as photographs, video or additional media guides, please contact the BYU Athletic Communications office at (801) 422-8948. We sincerely appreciate your coverage of BYU football and look forward to working with you this season.


All requests for credentials to cover BYU football should be sent on company letterhead to: Jeff Reynolds, Associate Director; Athletic Communications; 30 SFH; Provo, UT 84602. Fax requests may be sent to (801) 422-0633.
All single-game credential requests should be received no later than one week prior to the date of the game. Requests received later than noon on the day prior to the game will not be accepted. Credentials for working media, including print and electronic (radio & television) media outlets, are restricted in accordance with BYU, Mountain West Conference and NCAA rules and guidelines. It is our intention to ensure proper, professional use is made of the space available for credentialed media.


Working press box credentials shall be issued only to accredited newspaper, radio and television reporters only. Requests from other media sources shall be evaluated on a game-by-game basis. Reporters representing newspapers with next-day editions, daily editions, national magazines, wire services, live television and radio broadcasts and television and radio stations covering for nightly news shall be given priority. Spouses, dates, children and other non-working persons will not be credentialed and are not allowed in the working media areas during the game as dictated by NCAA guidelines.

Credentials must be displayed prominently throughout the game, including pre- and post-game coverage. Pre-game interviews with players and/or coaches will not be permitted under any circumstances. Properly credentialed media representatives shall be allowed field access with four minutes remaining on the game clock. Interviews with players and/or coaches may not be conducted until the NCAA-mandated 10-minute cooling off period has expired. Individuals or organizations violating this policy may be required to surrender their credentials and be removed from the stadium.


Sideline credentials will be issued only to accredited photographers and television reporters/camera operators on assignment. Television organizations shall be restricted to one camera operator and one reporter on the field at all times, except by prior approval from the BYU Athletic Communications office. Freelance and amateur photographers, not on assignment, are not eligible for sideline credentials, except by prior approval from the BYU Athletic Communications office.

All Mountain West Conference and NCAA rules will be enforced regarding media representatives on the sidelines. Photographers are not permitted to shoot between the 25-yardlines. Sideline supervisors will patrol both sidelines to make certain all rules are enforced. Individuals or organizations violating sideline policies may be required to surrender their credentials and be removed from the stadium. For additional questions regarding photography guidelines, please contact University photographer Mark Philbrick at (801) 422-7322.


The working media area is located on the third floor of the press box, situated on the west side of LaVell Edwards Stadium. Access to the press loge may be obtained via either the north or south elevators.

The BYU Athletic Communications staff will provide working media with game notes, season stats, depth charts, flip cards, programs, game stats, post-game quotes and media guides for both teams.

With four minutes remaining on the game clock, media are invited to take the south elevator to ground level in preparation for the post-game press conference. BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall and selected players will be available in the media room following the mandatory 10-minute cooling-off period. The BYU locker room is closed to all media. 

Several courtesy telephones (with campus extensions) will be available in the working area of the press box, while a limited number of phones will be available in the media room. All phones are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Phone lines can be purchased for your organization’s exclusive use on a season-long basis. Collect or credit card calls can be made from each of these telephones.
The BYU press box is also equipped with high-speed internet access, including ethernet connections and wireless access.


LaVell Edwards Stadium is located on the northwest corner of the BYU campus, just off Canyon Road (200 East) and University Parkway (1650 North) in Provo. Media parking is in Lot No. 2, immediately west of the stadium. Parking passes are required and must be obtained in advance.


During the season, all player and coach interviews must be scheduled through Jeff Reynolds in the Athletic Communications office at (801) 422-8948. Interview requests must be made 24 hours in advance. Interviews with players and coaches may be conducted following selected practices during the week. Players and coaches will not be available for interview prior to practice. Telephone interviews, for out-of-town media, can be arranged through the Athletic Communications office. Interviews with players on the day prior to the game, as well as game day, are not permitted. No player interviews will be conducted during regular class hours.


To have access to athletes, coaches, practice, games, etc., Internet sites must be held to the same professional standards required of traditional media.  Website personnel must show caution, restraint and professional judgment in covering potential student-athletes and the recruiting process. Websites covering BYU recruiting must be familiar with and follow all NCAA rules. Proper judgment and an understanding of NCAA rules must be displayed at all times. Access will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Failure to adhere to the standards and regular media policies established by the BYU Athletic Communications office may result in the loss of privileges. Live, real-time updates will not be permitted. Websites interested in seeking credentials or access should contact the Athletic Communications office for specific rules and guidelines.


All interviews must be arranged through the Athletic Communications office. The Athletic Communications office will not facilitate the broadcast of live guests during regular class hours. All interviews for sports talk radio must be conducted with players after practice or during the weekly media luncheon. Radio stations will be responsible for attending practices and for providing their own equipment (i.e. tape, digital recorders, telephones, etc). All sports talk radio stations will be issued one credential per home game.


Each Monday, Coach Mendenhall and selected players will be available for interview purposes from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. in the Student Athlete Building. All live electronic interviews are for credentialed media only and must be arranged in advance with the Athletic Communications office. Coach Mendenhall will participate in the MWC weekly teleconference on Tuesdays, beginning at 11:12 p.m. (MT).

COLLEGEPRESSBOX.COM is the official media website for Mountain West Conference football. Access and download weekly game notes, quotes, statistics, media guides and more for the conference and each of its nine member schools throughout the season. Login information will be distributed to accredited media or you can apply for a password by sending an e-mail to


The Brigham Young University Athletic Media Communications department reserves the right to revoke or deny working media credentials and/or access to any individual or organization at any time for any reason. All credentials are the property of Brigham Young University and must be surrendered upon request.

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