Distance Facilities
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Marriott Center
The Marriott Center is the third-largest oncampus arena in the country covering three acres and enclosing eight million cubic feet. Its 22,700 seats have allowed BYU fans to see plenty of excitement since the facility’s opening game in 1971.

Improvements to the exterior and interior took place in 2007, including glass exterior walls and new lighting. In 2006 the original suspended floor was replaced with a Conner Uniforce floor and seismic upgrades took place. An additional floor upgrade was installed in 2007.

There are seven locker rooms, a President’s room, two reception rooms, press and interview rooms, men’s and women’s team rooms and a training room in the Marriott Center.

Student Athlete Building
Student Athlete Building state-of-the-art features include: Student Athlete Academic Center, Nutrition Center, Athletics Legacy Hall (Hall of Fame), Athletic Administration Offices, Jamba Juice Café and Legends Grill.

Student Athlete Academic Center
Tutors and mentors work through these offices. Athletes have access to 42 computer stations, an interactive classroom, 10 small study areas and one large quiet room. Also on staff are a sports psychologist and nutritionist.

Legends Grill
Fans, coaches and athletes can view 11 plasma TV screens, a ticker tape with world wide sports scores or view specialty events on a projection screen while catching a bite to eat.

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