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BYU Hall of Fame Inductees

NameSportsort iconYear
Elaine MichaelisCoach/Administration2008
Glen C. TuckettCoach/Administration1982
Stanley H. WattsCoach/Administration1979
Paul JamesBroadcaster2005
Jay MonsenBroadcaster2010
George CurtisTrainer2009
Ollie JulkunenTrainer2009
Rodney KimballTrainer1979
LaVell EdwardsCoach2006
Willard HirschiCoach2015
Phyllis C. JacobsonCoach1986
Sherald JamesCoach2016
Carl McGownCoach2011
Gary PullinsCoach2007
Clarence F. RobisonCoach1976
Ann ValentineCoach1999
Ray BeckhamAdministration2008
Earlene DurrantAdministration2000
Charles James Hart Sr.Administration1981
Milton F. HartvigsenAdministration1980
Leona HolbrookAdministration1980
Clayne R. JensenAdministration1995
Floyd JohnsonAdministration1988
Edwin KimballAdministration1975
Ben E. LewisAdministration1991
Eugene L. RobertsAdministration1975
G. Ott RomneyAdministration1975
David A. SchulthessAdministration2000
Floyd R. TaylorAdministration1990
Lu WallaceAdministration1998
Reed FehlbergWrestling1994
Rondo FehlbergWrestling1987
Laron HansenWrestling1986
Brad HansenWrestling1996
John MechamWrestling1991
Ben OhaiWrestling1983
Michael M. YoungWrestling1977
Men's Gymnastics
Cortney BramwellMen's Gymnastics2012
Darren ElgMen's Gymnastics2006
Dennis RamseyMen's Gymnastics1989
Guard Wayne YoungMen's Gymnastics2010
Wayne YoungMen's Gymnastics1986
Cougar Club
Dale R. McCannCougar Club2002
Women's Volleyball
Karen Curtis LambWomen's Volleyball1989
Dylann Duncan CerianiWomen's Volleyball1999
Michele Fellows LewisWomen's Volleyball2003
Charlene Johnson WhittedWomen's Volleyball2006
Lisa Motes ConnollyWomen's Volleyball1994
Tea Nieminen HietaWomen's Volleyball2007
Brenda PetersonWomen's Volleyball1985
Nina PuikkonenWomen's Volleyball2015
Mariliisa SalmiWomen's Volleyball2011
Amy Steele GantWomen's Volleyball2009
Sari Virtanen StevensWomen's Volleyball2000
Charlene Johnson WhittedWomen's Volleyball2006
Women's Track & Field
Maria Betioli ZanandreaWomen's Track & Field1995
Elizabeth JacksonWomen's Track & Field2012
Anu KaljurandWomen's Track & Field2010
Tiffany Lott HoganWomen's Track & Field2008
Anna Mosdell JackWomen's Track & Field2002
Amy Christiansen PalmerWomen's Track & Field2008
Courtney Pugmire MeldrumWomen's Track & Field2011
Tara RohatinskyWomen's Track & Field2014
Women's Tennis
Margaret Greenwood BlakeWomen's Tennis1984
Karen KenningtonWomen's Tennis1988
Susanna Lee NootWomen's Tennis2002
Tracy Tanner MacDonaldWomen's Tennis1992
Women's Swimming & Diving
Tristan Baker SchultzWomen's Swimming & Diving1998
Vanessa Bergman ThelinWomen's Swimming & Diving2005
K.C. Cline LemonWomen's Swimming & Diving2001
LeLei FonoimoanaWomen's Swimming & Diving1991
Melanie Rile MenezesWomen's Swimming & Diving2003
Courtney Nelson MurrellWomen's Swimming & Diving2001
Ianeta Le`iSoftball2016
Women's Soccer
Maren Hendershot McCraryWomen's Soccer2010
Aleisha RoseWomen's Soccer2014
Kelly Parkinson EvansonGymnastics2014
Women's Golf
Sue Billek NyhusWomen's Golf2005
Pam MillerWomen's Golf2016
Women's Cross Country
Maggie Chan-RoperWomen's Cross Country2009
Jill Holiday LinfordWomen's Cross Country1996
Michaela MannovaWomen's Cross Country2016
Carey MayWomen's Cross Country1996
Courtney Pugmire MeldrumWomen's Cross Country2011
1997 National Championship Women's Cross Country TeamWomen's Cross Country2013
1999 National Championship Women's Cross Country TeamWomen's Cross Country2013
2001 National Championship Women's Cross Country TeamWomen's Cross Country2013
2002 National Championship Women's Cross Country TeamWomen's Cross Country2013
Women's Basketball
Jackie Beene McBrideWomen's Basketball1999
Tina Gunn RobisonWomen's Basketball1990
Cathy NixonWomen's Basketball2007
Tresa Spaulding HamsonWomen's Basketball1998
Men's Volleyball
Ossie AntonettiMen's Volleyball2010
Hector LebronMen's Volleyball2012
Ryan MillarMen's Volleyball2009
Mike WallMen's Volleyball2016
Ethan WattsMen's Volleyball2006
Men's Track & Field
Hugh CannonMen's Track & Field1989
Paul R. CummingsMen's Track & Field1986
Cyrus EllsworthMen's Track & Field1979
Frank FredericksMen's Track & Field2001
Richard GeorgeMen's Track & Field1987
Clinton LarsonMen's Track & Field1975
Ralph MannMen's Track & Field1981
Henry MarshMen's Track & Field1988
Leonard Myles-MillsMen's Track & Field2009
Raimo PihlMen's Track & Field1985
Pertti PousiMen's Track & Field1982
Jason PyrahMen's Track & Field2006
David ReevesMen's Track & Field1984
Richard ReidMen's Track & Field1989
Alma RichardsMen's Track & Field1975
Robert L. RichardsMen's Track & Field1977
M. Dale SchofieldMen's Track & Field1976
Tito SteinerMen's Track & Field2002
Robert W. ToblerMen's Track & Field1977
Men's Tennis
Larry HallMen's Tennis1985
David HarknessMen's Tennis2005
Bruce KleegeMen's Tennis2007
Zdravko MincekMen's Tennis1982
Keith NielsonMen's Tennis1987
Wayne E. PearceMen's Tennis1984
Linn R. RockwoodMen's Tennis1976
Men's Swimming & Diving
Fred BairdMen's Swimming & Diving1983
Stan CurnowMen's Swimming & Diving1987
Dmitri MalinovskiMen's Swimming & Diving2014
Keith RussellMen's Swimming & Diving1994
Byron ShefchikMen's Swimming & Diving2008
Alma Budd ShieldsMen's Swimming & Diving1975
Men's Golf
Michael Alan BrannanMen's Golf1989
Bob ClampettMen's Golf1990
Keith ClearwaterMen's Golf1992
Rick FehrMen's Golf1999
John FoughtMen's Golf1995
Ray LeachMen's Golf1982
1981 Men's Golf NCAA ChampionsMen's Golf2009
Andy MillerMen's Golf2011
John L. MillerMen's Golf1978
Mike ReidMen's Golf1985
Mike TaylorMen's Golf1984
Mike WeirMen's Golf2003
Charles L. AtkinsonFootball1978
Tom BellFootball1996
Rex BerryFootball1976
Robbie BoscoFootball1995
Clay BrownFootball1999
Larry CarrFootball2010
Virgil CarterFootball1977
Todd ChristensenFootball1992
Ty DetmerFootball2000
Nick EyreFootball1990
Richard G. FeltFootball1977
Eldon FortieFootball1977
Gordon GravelleFootball2012
Shawn KnightFootball2008
Chad LewisFootball2007
Vaughn L. LloydFootball1978
Jim McMahonFootball2014
Mike MillsFootball2005
Rob MorrisFootball2015
1984 National Championship Football TeamFootball2004
Gifford NielsenFootball1987
Reed E. NilsenFootball1976
Brad OatesFootball1988
Bart OatesFootball1992
Phil OdleFootball1978
Marion E. ProbertFootball1977
Wayne ReeveFootball1978
Gary SheideFootball2011
Vai SikahemaFootball2002
Luke StaleyFootball2015
Jack StringhamFootball1979
John TaitFootball2012
Peter Van ValkenburgFootball1983
Max WarnerFootball1980
Marc WilsonFootball1990
Steve YoungFootball1994
Men's Cross Country
Ed EyestoneMen's Cross Country1998
Wayne HalesMen's Cross Country1975
John HedengrenMen's Cross Country2015
Doug PadillaMen's Cross Country1991
Men's Basketball
Danny AingeMen's Basketball1991
1951 NIT Championship TeamMen's Basketball1976
1966 NIT Championship TeamMen's Basketball1980
Harold ChristensenMen's Basketball1977
Jack ChristensenMen's Basketball1981
Kresimir CosicMen's Basketball1983
Fred "Buck" DixonMen's Basketball1975
Devin DurrantMen's Basketball1995
John FairchildMen's Basketball1980
Bob HowardMen's Basketball1975
Melvin R. HutchinsMen's Basketball1976
Dean L. LarsenMen's Basketball1978
W. Floyd MilletMen's Basketball1976
Roland T. MinsonMen's Basketball1976
Joseph A. NelsonMen's Basketball1979
Dick NemelkaMen's Basketball1977
Herschel PedersenMen's Basketball1985
Mark ReeveMen's Basketball1980
Joe RicheyMen's Basketball1977
Charles RobertsMen's Basketball1981
Elwood RomneyMen's Basketball1979
Owen RoweMen's Basketball1975
Michael SmithMen's Basketball1998
Tom SteinkeMen's Basketball1981
Terry TebbsMen's Basketball1981
Paul ThornMen's Basketball1975
Andy ToolsonMen's Basketball2001
Brady WalkerMen's Basketball1976
Gary CooperBaseball2003
Ron HillBaseball1992
Doug HowardBaseball1982
Lee IorgBaseball1986
Dane IorgBaseball1982
Peter KendrickBaseball1996
Dennis LambBaseball1977
Mike MossBaseball1988
Scott NielsenBaseball1994
Karl TuckerBaseball2001
Mike WillesBaseball2000
Richard ZinnigerBaseball1983