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NumNameSportsort iconHeightPositionClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
6Lindsey Steele MetcalfWomen's Volleyball6-0OH-Orem, UTMountain View High School2000-2004
5Lauren Richards EvansWomen's Volleyball6-0S-Orem, UTTimpanogos High School2001-2005
14Krystal CurtisWomen's Volleyball5-5DS-Orem, UTTimpanogos High School2001
10Erica LottWomen's Volleyball6-2OPP-Orem, UTMountain View High School2003-2007
42Brenda PetersonWomen's Volleyball-Orem, UTOrem High School1970-1972
12Sheri WalkerWomen's Volleyball5-6S-Orem, UTOrem High School1978-1981
12Vonda SkousenWomen's Volleyball5-7DS-Orem, UT1982-1985 | 1987
3Maren LegasWomen's Volleyball5-9DS, S-Orem, UTMountain View High School1995
20Hannah RobisonWomen's Volleyball6-0OH-Orem, UTOrem High School2011-2014 | 2016
Devra VierkantWomen's Track & Field5-6Dis-Orem, UT2002-2003
Lindsey MetcalfWomen's Track & Field6-0HJ-Orem, UT2002-2005
Amy HughesWomen's Track & Field5-8Hur, Sprint-Orem, UT2002-2004
Angela BensonWomen's Track & Field5-9Dis-Orem, UTMountain View High School2003
Elizabeth BensonWomen's Track & Field5-7Dis-Orem, UT1998-1999
Tara HaynesWomen's Track & Field5-6Dis-Orem, UT1997-2000
Kara OrmondWomen's Track & Field5-7Dis-Orem, UT1997-2000
Ashley WestphalWomen's Track & Field5-7400-Orem, UT1998-1999
Amber HarperWomen's Track & Field5-4Dis-Orem, UT2004-2006
Michelle Lindsay TurnerWomen's Track & Field5-5Mid-Orem, UT2005-2007
Heidi MagillWomen's Track & Field5-11Dis-Orem, UT2005-2007
Ann Marie ThomasWomen's Track & Field5-6Dis-Orem, UT2005-2007
Mindy SagersWomen's Track & Field5-7Hur, JumpsSeniorOrem, UTOrem High School2008-2011
Kendra ChristensenWomen's Track & Field5-3Dis-Orem, UTOrem High School2010-2012
Shauna RohbockWomen's Track & Field5-8Multi-Orem, UT1996-1999
Heather KuuselaWomen's Track & Field5-6Throw-Orem, UT1979-1980