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NumNameSportHeightWeightPositionClasssort iconHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
13Andrew JohnstonMen's Basketball6-3185GSophomoreSt. George, UTSnow Canyon HS2013-2014
29Brent NybergMen's Football6-2185WRSeniorSt. George, UTDixie College1989-1990
Jordan HammerMen's Golf6-5195SeniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2008-2009 | 2011-2014
Mike JurcaMen's Golf6-3160SeniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2008-2009 | 2011-2015
9Chunner NybergMen's Baseball6-1190RHPSeniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2010-2014
13Kurt HendersonMen's Football6-1190WRSeniorSt. George, UTSnow Canyon High School2011-2015
Morgan Anderson-LittlewoodWomen's Tennis5-8-SeniorSt. George, UTDesert Hills High School2011-2015
26Nate CarterMen's Football5-9189RBSeniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2010 | 2012-2015
15Carter MeesMen's Football6-0190DBJuniorSt. George, UTPine View High School2006 | 2009-2011
Stephen ArchibaldMen's Golf6-1160JuniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2008-2009 | 2012-2014
McCoy WilleyMen's Golf5-11-JuniorSt. George, UTDixie High School2011-2014
22Dallen ReberMen's Baseball6-0215INFJuniorSt. George, UTUniversity of Kentucky2011 | 2014-2015
43Haley RydalchWomen's Basketball6-3-CJuniorSt. George, UTDesert Hills High School/Purdue University2014-2018
Sadi DiasWomen's Basketball5-7-GFreshmanSt. George, UTPine View High School
1Sadi DiasWomen's Basketball5-7-GFreshmanSt. George, UTPine View High School2011-2012
Sadi DiasWomen's Basketball5-7-GFreshmanSt. George, UTPine View High School
Bradley WulfensteinMen's Track & Field6-2195HurFreshmanSt. George, UTDesert Hills High School2016
50Braxton IpsonMen's Baseball6-3220INFFreshmanSt. George, UTDixie High School
13Kody WilsteadMen's Football6-6222QBFreshmanSt. George, UTPine View High School2017
24Ashley BeckstrandWomen's Basketball5-7-GFreshmanSt. George, UTDesert Hills High School2017-2018
Lindsay FerrellWomen's Tennis6-0--St. George, UTPine View High School2000-2003
71Paul FisherMen's Football6-7315OL-St. George, UTDixie High School2002-2004
69Scott FisherMen's Football6-7295OL-St. George, UTDixie High School2002-2003
82Cody FonnesbeckMen's Football5-8155WR-St. George, UTDixie High School2002-2004
86Doug JolleyMen's Football6-4241TE-St. George, UTDixie High School1997-2001