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NumNameSportHeightWeightsort iconPositionClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
Candace Cosgrave SlaterWomen's Gymnastics5-5-All-Highland, UTLone Peak High School2000-2003
10Farrah Hofheins OlmsteadWomen's Soccer5-7-D, MF-Alpine, UTLone Peak High School1999-2002
25Whitney LindseyWomen's Swimming & Diving5-9-Breast, IM-Highland, UTLone Peak High School2005-2006
Ava JackmanWomen's Swimming & Diving5-7-Diving-Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2006-2010
Kristina DoerrWomen's Tennis5-9--Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2006-2010
14Christie CarpenterWomen's Volleyball6-1-OH-Cedar Hills, UTLone Peak High School2007-2011
Kate BowenWomen's Cross Country5-10--Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2007 | 2010
Lacey BleazardWomen's Cross Country5-8--Cedar Hills, UTLone Peak High School2008-2011
Lacey BleazardWomen's Track & Field5-7-Mid-Cedar Hills, UTLone Peak High School2009-2012
2Heather HannemannWomen's Volleyball5-8-S-Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2009-2012
Taryn Toolson LewisWomen's Swimming & Diving5-8-Breast, Free-Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2009-2013
Lisa AntonelliWomen's Track & Field5-9-Dis-Alpine, UTLone Peak High School2002-2004
Christie CarpenterWomen's Track & Field6-1-Jumps-Cedar Hills, UTLone Peak High School2007-2010
Kimberly DoroghianWomen's Swimming & Diving5-8-Fly-Highland, UTLone Peak High School2010-2014
Steve MorrinMen's Track & Field5-10-DisFreshmanAlpine, UTLone Peak High School2015
Selu FotuWomen's Golf5-9-SeniorHighland, UTLone Peak High School2011-2014
8Makenna SantiagoWomen's Volleyball5-7-DS, LIBSeniorHighland, UTLone Peak High School2013-2016
1Jaiden KakaWomen's Volleyball5-9-DS, LIB-West Jordan, UTLone Peak High School2014-2015
32Cassidy SmithWomen's Soccer5-9-GKSophomoreAlpine, UTLone Peak High School2015-2017
5Emily LewisWomen's Volleyball6-4-OPPFreshmanHighland, UTLone Peak High School2015-2016
Lauren ShubinWomen's Cross Country5-3-FreshmanAlpine, UTLone Peak High School2015
Katie SmithWomen's Swimming & Diving5-7-Fly, FreeMissionAlpine, UTLone Peak High School2015-2016
Lauren ShubinWomen's Track & Field5-3-SophomoreAlpine, UTLone Peak High School2016
Blake EllisMen's Track & Field6-0-200, 400FreshmanHighland, UTLone Peak High School2017
Steve MorrinMen's Cross Country5-10140JuniorHighland, UTLone Peak High School2015-2016