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NumNameSportHeightsort iconPositionClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
Syrena MiskinWomen's Swimming & Diving5-1Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2008-2012
Brooke Craig HaskettWomen's Gymnastics5-3All-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2000-2003
Julie Pothier ParkinsonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-3Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School1993-1997
Angela Gunnell AndersenWomen's Gymnastics5-3All-Orem, UTMountain View High School1996-1998
127Lyndi JuvanWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4Fly-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2000-2004
127Tina MorrowWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School1999-2003
2Courtney Asay RobbinsWomen's Soccer5-4F, MF-Orem, UTMountain View High School2003-2004
Tawni JonesWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2006-2010
Melanie MabryWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School1994-1995
16Auna DoriaWomen's Soccer5-4F-Orem, UTMountain View High School2008-2011
Annika HuishWomen's Tennis5-4-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2010-2011
Aubree AllenWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4Back-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2012-2014
Demi PerkinsonWomen's Tennis5-4SeniorMesa, AZMountain View High School2013-2017
Jenny Rogers DahlWomen's Swimming & Diving5-5Diving-Mesa, AZMountain View High School1997-1999
Rachel RobisonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-5Back-Mesa, AZMountain View High School1994-1995
Aleesha MillerWomen's Swimming & Diving5-5SprintSeniorMesa, AZMountain View High School2007-2011
Holland MathesonWomen's Gymnastics5-5All-Scottsdale, AZMountain View High School2009-2012
Rachel TuckerWomen's Gymnastics5-5V-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2014-2015
19Britney HolmanWomen's Soccer5-6D-Orem, UTMountain View High School2000-2003
10Erica EyestoneWomen's Basketball5-6G-Orem, UTMountain View High School2006-2007
Shayna NorbergWomen's Cross Country5-6-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2009-2010
Shayna NorbergWomen's Track & Field5-6Dis-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2010
2Athelia GrahamWomen's Soccer5-7D-Orem, UTMountain View High School1996-2000
20Julie SchlappiWomen's Basketball5-7G-Orem, UTMountain View High School1984-1986
22Kim TalbotWomen's Basketball5-7G-Orem, UTMountain View High School1987-1991