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NumNameSportHeightsort iconWeightPositionClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
15Mekeli WesleyMen's Basketball6-9240F-Provo, UTProvo High School1996-2001
41Chris CollinsworthMen's Basketball6-9235FSophomoreProvo, UTProvo High School2007-2008 | 2010-2012
0Brandon DaviesMen's Basketball6-9235FSeniorProvo, UTProvo High School2009-2013
13Ben PatchMen's Volleyball6-9-OPP-Provo, UTProvo High School2013 | 2016-2017
18Jacob ChrismanMen's Baseball6-8225RHP-Provo, UTProvo High School2001-2003
34Jacob ChrismanMen's Basketball6-8225F-Provo, UTProvo High School2000-2002
25Mark DurrantMen's Basketball6-6210F-Provo, UTProvo High School1989-1990 | 1992-1995
59James JohnsonMen's Football6-6295OL-Provo, UTProvo High School1992-1996
5Kyle CollinsworthMen's Basketball6-6215GSeniorProvo, UTProvo High School2010-2011 | 2013-2016
59Craig GarrickMen's Football6-4254OG-Provo, UTProvo High School1979 | 1982-1984
6Kam ValgardsonMen's Football6-3285OL-Provo, UTProvo High School1993-1994 | 1997-1999
93Sean SullivanMen's Football6-3240DL-Provo, UTProvo High School2005-2007
54Cassie KingWomen's Basketball6-3-C-Provo, UTProvo High School2005-2009
27Veldon LawMen's Baseball6-3180RHP-Provo, UTProvo High School1975
Gabe WestoverMen's Football6-3298DL-Provo, UTProvo High School2001
John MarkhamMen's Football6-2200DL-Provo, UTProvo High School1946
54Cary WhittinghamMen's Football6-2224LB-Provo, UTProvo High School1981-1985
10Vance LawMen's Baseball6-2170SS-Provo, UTProvo High School1975-1978
27Joe BeecroftMen's Baseball6-2185RHP-Provo, UTProvo High School1962-1964
15Hema HeimuliMen's Football6-2210RB-Provo, UTProvo High School1991-1995
54Traci RedWomen's Basketball6-2-C, F-Provo, UTProvo High School1987-1989
Nathan RobisonMen's Cross Country6-1160-Provo, UTProvo High School2001-2004
11Clayton BarnesMen's Baseball6-11901B, LHP-Provo, UTProvo High School2003 | 2006-2007
Trent WilliamsMen's Football6-1193K-Provo, UTProvo High School2003-2004
6Andrew LawMen's Baseball6-11852B-Provo, UTProvo High School2005 | 2008-2011