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UCSB, Cal Poly-SLO Series

A break-out game is what BYU Coach Vance Law hopes his team can find in its final two games of its first trip to California this week.

BYU, 1-5, plays at UC Santa Barbara, 1-2, Monday followed by another single game on Tuesday at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, 5-4-1.

Jake Chrisman, 0-0, 5.40, gets his first start in a BYU uniform. The 6-8 basketball player has made nine appearances going into his second season for BYU. Pitching Tuesday for BYU will either be Jeff Stone (0-0, 7.36) or Ryan Adams (0-1, 5.73) or Jeff Mousser (1-1, 2.53).

"We want to get back on track," said Law. "I'm disappointed because I thought we would start out much better both defensively and offensively. We haven't played consistently. We've walked way too many people and we haven't swung the bats well."

Monday's game will not be available on the Internet for audiostream or livestats.

The Cougars won their first game of the season last week to start a three-game series at UC-Irvine. This is the completion of the first of three trips to California this season.

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