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Valentine's Day Games Canceled

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--After 2.2 inches of rain fell Thursday and more in the forecast, games have once again been canceled for the second day (Friday) in the Rawlings/Oakland A's Spring Training College Baseball Tournament.

The prospect of games on Saturday looks grim unless coaches from participating schools are able to locate alternate fields that are playable. At best, officials are looking at the possibility of one or two games for Saturday at either the A's facilities or in Surprise, Ariz.

Because BYU does not play on Sunday, it will not be around for the final day of the tournament.

Revised Rawlings/Oakland A's Spring Training Tournament

Feb. 13 Cal Poly vs. Missouri-canceled, rain

Feb. 13 Northwestern vs. BYU-canceled, rain

Feb. 13 BYU vs. British Columbia-canceled, rain

Feb. 14 BYU vs. Cal Poly SLO-canceled, rain

Feb. 14 Missouri vs. Northwestern-canceled, rain

Feb. 14 BYU vs. Missouri-canceled, rain

Feb. 14 Cal Poly vs. Northwestern-canceled, rain

Feb. 15 BYU vs. Cal Poly, 10 a.m., Papago#4

Feb. 15 Northwestern vs. BYU, 2 p.m., Papago#4

Feb. 16 Missouri vs. Northwestern, 9 a.m., Municipal

Feb. 16 British Columbia vs. Cal Poly, 12:30 p.m., Municipal