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Austin Ainge - Questions & Answers

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

Question: Your cousin Eric had a good season playing quarterback at Tennessee (plays Texas A & M in the Cotton Bowl). Do you ever get to talk to him?

Answer: I talk to him every now and then. I watch every one of his games. They have a good team and Eric has been a remarkable quarterback, especially for a freshman. He's shown poise skills and talent. He's going to be great.

Question: Who's the better athlete?

Answer: Well, I think we have to break it down by sport. In football, I'm obviously nowhere near him. Although he's close in basketball, I think I could take him.

Question: How many Celtics games have you been to in person?

Answer: I've been to a lot. In the last few years, I've only been to one or two since their season coincides with ours. I usually go to the Celtics-Jazz game. But when I was young, I went all the time.

Question: Your dad played in several different cities during his career. Which was your favorite?

Answer: I really liked living in Phoenix. But as a sports city, you can't beat Boston. The fans are fanatical and that makes it fun.

Question: Have you seen your dad's display in Legacy Hall?

Answer: I walk past it everyday when I go into the weight room, so I've seen it and checked it out.

Question: What's your favorite childhood memory of basketball?

Answer: The Suns vs. Bulls in the NBA Finals. I went with my dad to the games in Chicago and watched those games. I was the only player's son there. There were people screaming and throwing stuff. It was a blast.

Question: What can you contribute now that you have a chance to play?

Answer: I feel I have a lot to contribute. I've just been waiting for my chance. I think I'm an exciting player. I like to push the ball on the fast break. I like to make things happen.

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