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BYU and the NBA

BYU NBA Draft Selections

Year Player Team Round/Pick Overall Pick
1948 Brady Walker Providence Steamrollers    
1948 Joe Nelson Philadelphia Warriors 5th  
1949 Joe Weight Boston Celtics 9th  
1950 Joe Nelson Rochester Royals 5th/10th 58th
1951 Mel Hutchins Tri-Cities Blackhawks 1st/2nd 2nd
1951 Roland Minson New York Knicks 2nd/6th 16th
1952 Jerry Romney Rochester Royals 8th  
1953 Harold Christensen Minneapolis Lakers    
1953 Joe Richey Minneapolis Lakers    
1954 Phil Larson Fort Wayne Pistons 10th/4th 84th
1956 Hershel Pederson St. Louis Hawks 10th/2nd 72nd
1959 John Nicoll New York Knicks 13th/2nd 84th
1965 John Fairchild Los Angeles Lakers 2nd/8th 19th
1966 Dick Nemelka St. Louis Hawks 5th/4th 44th
1966 Jeff Congdon Detroit Pistons 4th/2nd 32nd
1967 Craig Raymond Philadelphia 76ers 1st/12th 12th
1968 Jim Eakins San Francisco Warriors 5th/7th 57th
1969 Kari Liimo Los Angeles Lakers 7th/12th 97th
1970 Doug Howard Chicago Bulls 11th/9th 79th
1970 Paul Ruffner Chicago Bulls 2nd/11th 28th
1971 Steve Kelly Detroit Pistons 7th/11th 113th
1972 Bernie Fryer Phoenix Suns 7th/12th 109th
1972 Kresimir Cosic Portland Trailblazers 10th/1st 144th
1973 Kresimir Cosic Los Angeles Lakers 5th/15th 84th
1973 Kalevi Sarkalahti Phoenix Suns 13th/4th 186th
1973 Phil Tollestrop Buffalo Braves 20th/1st 211th
1974 Doug Richards Portland Trailblazers 7th/2nd 110th
1977 Jay Chessman Chicago Bulls 6th/13th 123rd
1977 Vern Thompson Atlanta Hawks 8th/4th 155th
1980 Alan Taylor Utah Jazz 4th/3rd 72nd
1981 Danny Ainge Boston Celtics 2nd/8th 31st
1981 Steve Craig Philadelphia 76ers 5th/22nd 114th
1982 Fred Roberts Milwaukee Bucks 2nd/4th 27th
1982 Steve Trumbo Utah Jazz 3rd/3rd 49th
1983 Greg Kite Boston Celtics 1st/21st 21st
1984 Brett Applegate Portland Trailblazers 4th/18th 88th
1984 Devin Durrant Indiana Pacers 2nd/1st 25th
1985 Timo Saarelainen Los Angeles Lakers 5th/22nd 115th
1987 Tom Gneiting Seattle SuperSonics 6th/10th 124th
1989 Michael Smith Boston Celtics 1st/13th 13th
1993 Shawn Bradley Philadelphia 76ers 1st/2nd 2nd
2003 Travis Hansen Atlanta Hawks 2nd/8th 37th
2004 Rafael Araujo Toronto Raptors 1st/8th 8th
2008 Trent Plaisted Detroit (fromt Seattle) 2nd/16th 46th
2011 Jimmer Fredette Sacramento (from Milwaukee) 1st/10th 10th

Former Cougars in the NBA - Stat Leaders

No. Player Points No. Player Rebounds
1. Danny Ainge 11,964 1. Jim Eakins 5,578
2. Jim Eakins 8,255 2. Shawn Bradley 5,274
3. Shawn Bradley 6,761 3. Mel Hutchins 4,186
4. Fred Roberts 5,962 4. Danny Ainge 2,768
5. Mel Hutchins 4,851 5. Greg Kite 2,603
6. Jeff Congdon 1,995 6. Fred Roberts 2,308
7. Greg Kite 1,717 7. Craig Raymond 1,510
8. Craig Raymond 1,658 8. Jeff Congdon 601
9. Brady Walker 1,603 9. Brady Walker* 549
10. Jimmer Fredette 1,416 10. John Fairchild 523

*Partial career rebound stats

Cougar Pros Overseas

Player (Years at BYU) Country
Alan Taylor (1977-80) Italy, Germany
Scott Runia (1977-80) Holland
Fred Roberts (1979-82) Italy, Spain
Steve Trumbo (1979-82) Spain
Devin Durrant (1979-84) Spain
Tom Gneiting (1985-87) Spain, Turkey
Jim Usevitch (1983-88) Israel, Greece
Jeff Chatman (1985-88) Switzerland
Michael Smith (1984-89) Spain
Andy Toolson (1984-90) Italy, Greece, Spain
Marty Haws (1987-90) Belgium
Gary Trost (1988-93) Portugal, Argentina
Russell Larson (1992-95) Spain
Robbie Reid (1993-95) Saudi Arabia, England, Italy, Austria, Estonia
Kenneth Roberts (1991-96) Spain, Portugal, New Zealand
Bryon Ruffner (1995-96) Belgium, Sweden
Jarkko Ahlbom (1996-98) Finland
Silester Rivers (1998-2000) Chile
Mekeli Wesley (1997-2001) Spain, Belgium, France, Polland
Terrell Lyday (1999-2001) Poland, Turkey, France, Italy, Russia
Trent Whiting (2000-01) Italy
Eric Nielsen (1996-2002) Spain
Travis Hansen (2000-2003) Spain, Russia
Mark Bigelow (1999-2004) Germany, Spain
Rafael Araujo (2002-04) Brazil
Luiz Lemes (2002-04) Brazil
Kevin Woodberry (2002-04) Mexico
Mike Hall (2003-05) Turkey, France
Brock Reichner (2004-06) Greece
Keena Young (2004-07) South Korea, Israel, Kosovo, Philippines, Israel, France
Vuk Ivanovic (2005-08) Brazil, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia
Trent Plaisted (2004-08) Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, France
Rashaun Broadus (2005-07) Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Albania
Lee Cummard (2005-09) France, Japan, Belgium
Chris Miles (2004-05, 07-10) Czech Republic, Germany
Jonathan Tavernari (2006-10) Italy, Brazil
Lamont Morgan Jr. (2007-10) Spain
Logan Magnusson (2009-11) Germany
Charles Abouo (2008-12) Spain, Egypt, Qatar, France
Noah Hartsock (2008-12) Belgium, Spain
Brandon Davies (2009-13) Italy, France
Tyler Haws (2009-10, 12-15) Spain, Poland
Chase Fischer (2014-16) Italy