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BYU Basketball Media Day recap

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

In conjunction with BYUtv, BYU basketball hosted its annual media day today at the BYU Broadcasting Building. See below for quotes from coach Dave Rose and several players.

Dave Rose, head coach
“We’re excited for another season. This time of year is always exciting for our players. I feel our players are prepared for practice on Friday. It’s a long offseason. You put so much faith in your players and their work ethic and if they’re going to be ready. I like our guys. I like the way they look physically, and mentally I like the way they’ve prepared. I look forward to Friday.”

“It’s an exciting time to get that first practice. I look forward to how our guys are going to fit together, how this team’s going to mesh and the leadership that we’re going to get. That’s the exciting part.”

“I am really excited about the young players who were on our roster last year who got a lot of experience and to see how the offseason and their preparation will help them this coming year.”

“I hope balance will be the strength (of the team). I hope that we have great guard play, really good point guard play, great post play. Last year we really relied on our two post players to carry us through the majority of the real tough times. In order to be really good and more consistent I think that the balance needs to be better on this team.”

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Matt Carlino, sophomore guard
“In what we’ve had so far, it’s so nice being able to throw the ball out to all of these great shooters. We got a lot better, shooting the ball, this offseason. Obviously I can shoot the ball but I’m going to be a playmaker for the team.”

“I just look to improve on just being solid and limiting my mistakes and making more plays for the team.”

Brandon Davies, senior forward
“I’m just excited to get going. It was too long of a summer for me. I’m ready to tip things off and get playing again.”

“We have a lot of great seniors that can pick up that (leadership) slack. Me, Brock, Craig, Steve and even Tyler as he helps us out a lot and some other guys are more than ready to help us.”

“We have the greatest fans in the world. I know they’re always going to come out and support us and we try to show them an equal amount of love.”

Tyler Haws, sophomore guard
“He expects me to come in and contribute and play a big role on this team. I’m excited. We’ve got a good group of guys and I’m ready to get going.”

“I feel like we’ve got strong big guys and we’re more than capable on the wing to get things done. I feel like we have a special group of guys and we’re going to make some noise this year.”

Brock Zylstra, senior guard
“Our offense this year is going to be directly focused on the inside guys. The good thing about that is that it gives open shots to the outside guys. Every game Brandon will probably get a double team. With two guys guarding him there’s somebody open.”

“All of us feel like we have the urgency to step up and do a little better than last year. It’s something that we all feel.”

“We’ve made great strides the last few years. I’m really excited about this year’s team. It’s been great. Our team defense has improved. Our inside game is going to be phenomenal with Brandon and our guards can shoot the ball.”