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BYU Men's Basketball All-Americans


Year Player Outlet Team
1931 Elwood Romney Helms First
    College Humor Third
1932 Elwood Romney Helms First
1948 Joe Nelson Helms Second
1951 Mel Hutchins Helms First
    Sporting News First
    Converse Yearbook First
    Look Magazine First
    INS First
    UPI Third
    AP Third
1951 Roland Minson Converse Yearbook Fourth
1953 Joe Richey Colliers Second
    INS Second
    Look Magazine Second
    Helms Third
1954 Dean Larsen Helms Second
1955 Terry Tebbs UPI Little Second
1956 Terry Tebbs UPI Little First
1957 Tom Steinke UPI Little First
    Helms Second
1961 Gary Earnest UPI Honorable Mention
1965 John Fairchild Helms  
    NABC Third
1966 Dick Nemelka Helms  
    Converse Yearbook First
    USBWA First
    NABC Third
1972 Kresimir Cosic Helms  
    Converse Yearbook Second
    UPI Third
    NABC Fourth
1973 Kresimir Cosic Helms  
    NABC Fourth
    Citizens Saving Athletes Foundation  
1978 Danny Ainge UPI Honorable Mention
1979 Danny Ainge NABC Fourth
1980 Danny Ainge Helms  
    NABC Third
1981 Danny Ainge Consensus  
  National Player of the Year Helms  
    AP First
    NABC First
    UPI First
    Sporting News First
    Converse Yearbook First
    Basketball Times First
    John R. Wooden Award First
    Eastman Award First
    USBWA Second
1984 Devin Durrant John R. Wooden First
    AP Second
    NABC Second
    USBWA Second
    Sporting News Second
    Basketball Times Second
    UPI Third
1988 Michael Smith USBWA Second
    UPI Second
    Basketball Times Second
    AP Third
    Basketball Weekly Third
    Sporting News Honorable Mention
1986 Jeff Chatman Associated Press Honorable Mention
    Sporting News Honorable Mention
1988 Jeff Chatman Sporting News Honorable Mention
1991 Shawn Bradley Basketball Times Freshman First
    AP Honorable Mention
1992 Nate Call AP Honorable Mention
1993 Gary Trost AP Honorable Mention
2001 Mekeli Wesley AP Honorable Mention
2004 Rafael Araujo Basketball Times Second
    AP Honorable Mention
2006 Trent Plaisted Freshman Second
2007 Keena Young AP Honorable Mention
2008 Lee Cummard AP Honorable Mention
2009 Lee Cummard Fourth
2010 Jimmer Fredette AP Honorable Mention
    Sporting News Third
    NABC Third
    Basketball Times Second
    Lute Olson  
2011 Jimmer Fredette AP First
  National Player of the Year John R. Wooden First
    Sporting News First
    NABC First
    USBWA First First First
    Yahoo! Sports First First
    Lute Olson  
2014 Tyler Haws AP Honorable Mention
2015 Tyler Haws AP Honorable Mention
2015 Kyle Collinsworth AP Honorable Mention
    Lute Olson  
2016 Kyle Collinsworth AP Honorable Mention

CoSIDA Academic All-Americans

Player Year Team
Belmont Anderson 1973 Second
  1974 Second
Danny Ainge* 1980 First
  1981 First
Devin Durrant 1983
Michael Smith 1987 First
  1988** First
  1989 First
Andy Toolson 1990 First
Randy Reid 1994 Third
  1996 Second
Russell Larson 1995 Second

*Inducted into the CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame in 2000

**Academic All-American of the Year in Men's Basketball and All Sports