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Garner Meads - Questions & Answers

Question: Are you a better player now or before your mission?

Answer: It's hard to say. There are some days I think I was a lot better player than before my mission. Coach Cleveland's staff have helped me expand my game. I know a bit more about the game and how it works. I know what moves to use in what situations and how to read the defense a little better. They have been working with me on what moves I can go to.

Question: You came back from your mission last February, how has that been?

Answer: It's been a real benefit for me especially having that extra time to get in shape. It was a huge plus being able to go with the team to Australia.

Question: You were a McDonald's All-American, are some of those teammates still playing?

Answer: I keep track of them, there is kind of a bond there. Darius Miles (Cleveland Caveliers), Chris Duhan (Duke), DeShawn Stevenson (Utah Jazz) and Zack Randolph (Portland Blazers). I ran into a few of them like Jared Riner (Iowa). I saw him when we were in Australia. It's fun when we cross paths, but it's hard to keep in touch with all of them.

Question: Did you get to play basketball on your mission?

Answer: Canada is a hockey country, and I only played a basketball a handful of times, maybe two or three times. I never played hockey.

Question: Do you have a favorite hockey team?

Answer: I would lose a lot of friends in Canada if I picked one, so let's just say the Oilers and the Flames are mutual favorites.

Question: How good of a piano player are you?

Answer: I can get by. I can play some Church hymns. I just play for fun by ear.

Question: How is your condition since your mission?

Answer: Sometimes you feel your legs give. The endurance and just being able to go hard for an extended period of time are harder than before. My vertical jump is an inch or inch and a half lower than before my mission.