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Jared Jensen - Questions and Answers

Question: Why do you like watching The Weather Channel?

Answer: Because I'm an outdoorsy kind of guy. I like to be current in the weather. I like to know what is going on because a lot of the things I like to do during the summer and during the off-season are mostly outside and it's important to know what is going on. It's mostly boating, camping, fishing, not so much hunting.

Question: Where do you like to go boating?

Answer: The closest lake to my house is Willard Bay, but my favorite spot is Lake Powell--it's just awesome down there. My family has a boat and they let me take it with my friends.

Question: Are you still thinking about a mission?

Answer: I'm still thinking about it, it's a priority in my life to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm going to play basketball for now and get a feel if it's going to be a plan in my future.

Question: Are you going to be more of an inside or outside player this season?

Answer: A little bit of both, you'll probably see me do a little of the stuff Eric did last year, going outside setting some box screens and shooting some jumpers. I'll be inside still, but mostly more outside.

Question: How does the addition of Rafael Araujo help your game?

Answer: He does what I tried to do last year, he opens everything up for perimeter players and he's a real big presence inside. He helps the whole offensive system. He's harder to box out, he's pretty strong, he's like a tree in there. Once he gets set he's really hard to move. He's really athletic and he's hard to get around.

Question: How is your father's health, and do your parents come to your games?

Answer: He's doing okay, he's limited to his physical activity, he's not getting any worse. He's had a quadruple bypass and two valves replaced. I'm there only child that really played sports. For me to come as far as I have, it makes them really proud and gives them a lot of pride to come to these games and see their son out on the floor.

Question: What are your favorite classes at BYU?

Answer: Accounting, I like science too. My major is open still, but I have to decide soon.