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Jared Jensen - Questions & Answers

Question: You are one of five players on the team who ride around on a moped. When did you acquire one?

Answer: I got mine when I was a freshman. Hopefully, I stay accident free. They are a lot of fun and work really well.

Question: When you first came to BYU, were you planning on serving a mission?

Answer: Not in the beginning. The mission thing was up in the air with my parents' health. It's just how things have worked out because of my parents' health. My mom is in remission now and my dad is hanging in there.

Question: As an only child, are you spoiled?

Answer: At times I am, I have to admit. My parents treat me really well, and I love them for it.

Question: The fans may see you as being quiet. Is that true?

Answer: They see me as silent. But if you ask my teammates, I'm more outspoken off the court.

Question: You have selected a major this year. What are you going to do with it?

Answer: I've selected construction management, and I hope to be building homes and maybe commercial buildings. We'll just have to see.

Question: Tell us about the trip to Australia with the team last summer?

Answer: It was a great time with the guys, being able to go around Sydney wandering the streets with everybody on the team. I like the food in the States better. The weirdest thing was they had tomatoes for breakfast a lot. That turned me off the Australian food.