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Jared Jensen - Questions & Answers

Question: You got married in the off-season. What kind of adjustment has it been?

Answer: It's a big adjustment, but it's for the better. Being married is a great thing and I recommend it to everybody.

Question: How did you meet your wife?

Answer: We went to high school together. We never dated and we were just good friends. Two summers ago I called her and we started hanging out and then dating. That fall we got engaged and then we got married last spring

Question: How did you ask her to marry you?

Answer: I didn't really do anything special. We just talked about it and we both felt really good about it, so I just came out and asked her.

Question: You got injured last year. What was it like to have to miss a few games?

Answer: It was terrible. I got hurt right before the road trip where we lost a couple of games. It was terrible watching those games on TV. I wanted to be there so bad to help my team. It was probably the low point at my career here at BYU.

Question: What do you contribute to the team?

Answer: My good attitude and work ethic. I lead by example on the defensive end. I feel I have a pretty good handle on the defensive system. Just helping the new guys develop their skills.

Question: You got a lot of playing time as a freshman and then the last two years you've played less in a back-up role. How do you feel now that you'll get more playing time this year?

Answer: I'm excited. It's a great opportunity to be in a lead role this year. I'll work hard and do all I can to contribute to the team.

Question: You're big guy. Have you always been taller than every one else?

Answer: I remember in kindergarten some of the teachers thought I was in second grade and I got in trouble at recess because I was playing with the kindergartners and they thought I should be in class with the second graders so they sent me in and there was some confusion It was kind of funny to see the looks on their faces when they found out I was in kindergarten.

Question: Who's your favorite basketball player?

Answer: I like Mark Madsen cause he works so hard he doesn't have best role on the team, but he just stays positive and gives them the best he has.

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