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Keena Young - Questions and Answers

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

Question: Keena is a pretty unique name. Where does it come from?

Answer: I ask my mother that all the time, she said they just came up with it.

Question: Speaking of names, your mom's name is Lavella and your dad's name is Cleveland. With Young being your last name, does that mean it was destiny that you play at Brigham Young University?

Answer: I think so. When I was on my visit here, everybody was telling me about Coach LaVell Edwards and then Coach Cleveland. They said I was set for this school.

Question: Why did you choose to come to BYU?

Answer: I felt real comfortable around the coaching staff. When Coach Cleveland came to visit he said there was a good chance I'd come in a play right off the bat. He said I had a lot to learn and I just took that and ran with it. I'm happy I'm here.

Question: Who's the best player you've ever played against?

Answer: LeBron James

Question: When did you play against him?

Answer: The summer before my senior year. My AAU team asked me to play with the Oakland Soldiers. I couldn't pass up playing with LeBron. Mike Rose and I played on Houston Hoops together, whenever we went to tournaments we used to see him play and everybody talked about him. One year at ABCD camp he just blew up. Now I think 'man, I used to play with that guy.'

Question: What do you miss most about Texas?

Answer: I miss it being warm. I ask my mother all the time what the temperature is and she says 90 and then I wake up in the morning here at its 47 and look outside and there's snow on the mountains.

Question: Do you like snow?

Answer: Yeah. Growing up in Texas, especially where I'm from, Beaumont, which is south of Houston, we didn't see too much snow, mostly just fish and water. Up in Lubbock, in the panhandle, it probably snowed three days out of the whole year. I asked the guys around here and they said that's nothing compared to how it snows here.

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