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Kevin Woodberry Questions and Answers

Question: Who recruited you?

Answer: Arizona State, New Mexico, Baylor, Portland and Colorado State after high school and ASU, New Mexico, BYU, USC and Cal State Northridge in junior college.

Question: Why did you go up to play at the University of Portland?

Answer: I felt it was the best spot for me at the time. They were the only school that didn't have two or three guys at my position. When they made a coaching change they gave us the option to leave or stay. I decided to transfer to Dixie.

Question: Had you heard before of BYU?

Answer: Oh yea, mostly for football. I heard of the big guy coming for basketball (7-6 Shawn Bradley). Austin (Ainge) and I played against each other a lot in high school.

Question: Why do you have such a good cross-over dribble?

Answer: I practice with cones and office water cooler bottles. If you hit them you make a lot of noise when they are empty. I dribble through them, spin and work on my moves. At home in my driveway I set up four to six bottles, but it is a lot easier to practice it on court.

Question: What can the fans expect to see from you?

Answer: I can score and shoot. They will notice my shooting ability and my quickness. I like to get in there and cause a little havoc and get everybody riled up a bit.

Question: Can you dunk?

Answer: If you watched the midnight madness you saw me win the dunk contest. I can get my elbow above the rim.