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Luiz Lemes Questions And Answers

Question: Why did you pick BYU?

Answer: When I came here on my visit I loved the campus, arena and coaching staff, they were patient with me.

Question: How did you end up at Oklahoma?

Answer: My head coach from junior college had a friend and who came to Brazil to watch my junior club and after two games he asked me to come to Oklahoma.

Question: Had you ever been to the United States?

Answer: This is my first time to the United States, but I went home at Christmas time after my freshman year and that following summer.

Question: Did you know Rafael before you came to BYU?

Answer: We played together in Brazil on the junior teams and played against each other in the Sao Paulo tournaments. He committed to BYU first and I talked with him a lot, he helped me a lot to pick BYU.

Question: Do you hear anyone speaking Portuguese here at BYU?

Answer: There are a lot of people who speak Portuguese here. They have served missions to Sao Paulo, Rio, so we have a lot of people who speak it here. Some people comment, hey are you from Brazil, then we have a long conversation, a little bit Portuguese and little bit English.

Question: Who else recruited you?

Answer: After my freshman year, Evansville, Eastern Carolina, Colorado and BYU. I only heard of Duke and North Carolina from watching games on TV. I didn't hear of BYU until I was in my sophomore year at junior college.

Question: What do you like about the United States?

Answer: I like the people, the country and the economy, everything is easier than in Brazil. The mountains scared me a little bit in the beginning, but they are beautiful.