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Mark Bigelow - Questions and Answers

Question: Are you more focused this season?

Answer: It's just nice to go home to a wife every night. You don't worry about your social life nearly as much. You don't worry about who you are dating. You're basically hanging out with friends because you have your wife. You are more focused.

Question: Have you and your wife set any goals for this season?

Answer: She is on the soccer team and we talk about it, but in terms of actual goals we don't talk about it too much.

Question: Do you watch your wife's soccer games?

Answer: I haven't missed a home game. You'd be surprised how much soccer is played in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where I served on my mission (Spanish-speaking). I went to a couple games last year on my own, but I didn't know who she was then.

Question: Does your wife understand basketball?

Answer: She is a pretty good fan. I think sometimes she gets tired of me watching basketball on TV.

Question: What do you want to do with your degree in economics?

Answer: I'll probably eventually get my MBA and get on with some business. My brother is graduating in construction management, so we might start a business together.

Question: You were Steve Cleveland's first recruit and he sold you on a dream, do dreams come true?

Answer: I believe so, I've always been a big dreamer. So far the majority of my dream has come true and I don't expect it to stop now. You can feel the excitement that surrounds it now. When I came everyone wasn't too excited, basically they were waiting for now. This year should be real exciting.

Question: Are you a better player this year?

Answer: I'm definitely a better player and I think I'm a better shooter. I've worked hard in the off-season to improve my game. I worked on it every day and was diligent in the weight room.