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Mike Hall Questions & Answers

Question: You went to Pepperdine, why?

Answer: Pepperdine was a school that stayed by me when I was in high school and was trying to pass my SAT, plus a guy in my school went to Pepperdine. I left because there was a coaching change.

Question: How did you get to UVSC and Dixie?

Answer: I went to UVSC because the coaches at Pepperdine knew Coach (Jeff) Reinert, but things didn't work out. Then I took a trip down to Dixie and felt I should be there, so I signed.

Question: Were last fall's fires close to where you lived in San Bernardino?

Answer: The fires were close. My mom's job got evacuated, and she didn't have to work for 48 hours. A lot of people in our neighborhood just left or got evacuated. It wasn't close to the apartment where I lived at, but they got out just in case.

Question: What can fans look for you to do?

Answer: Bring toughness and solid defense. If I get some shots up and they go in, good. I was a scorer and a defender at Dixie. I can be both, but I think Coach wants me to focus more on the defensive side.

Question: Why did you come to BYU?

Answer: This was the best place for me to be considering Travis (Hansen) was leaving and the team they had coming back. I thought it would be the perfect fit because I wouldn't have to come in and do a whole lot. I can just sit back and play a supporting role for Bigelow and Hoffa.

Question: Did Pepperdine come back after you, and where did you make your last recruiting visits?

Answer: I talked to them a little bit. I went to Southern Utah and was going to go to other places, but after I came here, I decided this was the place I wanted to be.

Question: Tell us about your game-winning blocked shot which preserved the victory against UNLV.

Answer: That felt good -- we really needed some kind of stop.

Question: How did you spark the team after San Diego State missed its final shot in regulation?

Answer: We were pumped up. We knew right there we were going to win in overtime. We knew we had the energy left in us to take care of them and put the game away.