NCAA Announces Approved Measures

PROVO -- The NCAA announced several measures approved by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors at meetings concluded Thursday.

The NCAA approved academic reforms that will penalize schools starting in 2006 if athletes perform too poorly in the classroom. Known as the incentives/disincentives program, the academic reform program will penalize those programs that fail to meet established requirements for educational progress.

With the new academic package approved, the board rescinded the so-called "5-8" rule, which allowed a school to award five basketball scholarships in one year or eight scholarships in a two-year period.

Among other measures passed, major colleges will no longer be allowed to schedule men's exhibition basketball games against non-collegiate opponents, such as foreign teams, AAU clubs or Athletes in Action. The prohibition will go into effect for Division I schools on Aug. 1, but contracts signed before Oct. 21, 2003, will be honored.

Foreign tours by Division I sports teams will still be permitted as long as they do not occur within 30 days before the first permissible practice date. The measure takes effect November 1 but honors contracts for foreign tours signed before October 21, 2003.

The Board also approved a number of "student-athlete-friendly" measures related to the cost of attendance, summer financial aid and medical expenses.

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