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Rafael Araujo Questions & Answers

Question: Were you thinking of turning pro last year?

Answer: I was thinking I would come back for one more year after the season was over. I did well, but I thought I'd better prepare myself to have another good year. I wanted to get stronger and I have high expectations.

Q: Do you want to play in the NBA?

A: My big dream is to play pro ball. I don't have a favorite team, but I will be happy with the team that picks me.

Q: Tell us about the Pete Newell Camp you attended in Las Vegas last summer?

A: I worked really hard in that camp. There were a lot of great players there. I had a great time playing with guys my size. I got to meet some NBA players, but they practiced in the morning and we practiced in the afternoon.

Q: What did you learn from playing against Connecticut's Emeka Okafor in the NCAA Tournament?

A: I made a commitment to get better so I wouldn't make the same mistakes next time.

Q: Are there any Brazilians other than you and Luis Lemez playing in the NCAA this year?

A: I think there is a center who plays for Weber State.

Q: You added 15 pounds in the off-season and did a lot of workouts, tell us about it?

A: I just worked hard every day, ate well, and took care of myself. I worked hard in the mornings to improve my shooting and inside game.

Q: What will the fans notice different about you compared to last season?

A: They will enjoy seeing me play. A lot of them stop me on the street and tell me they like how I play. I've added 30 pounds to what I can lift.