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Staff Announced - Press Luncheon Transcript

Coach Dave Rose and members of his staff spoke with the media during a luncheon on June 30. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

BYU Press Luncheon

Head Coach Dave Rose Announces Completion of Basketball Staff

Thursday, June 30, 2005

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I am very excited today to be able to announce the completion of my staff. You know my assistants John Wardenburg and Dave Rice and that announcement was made last month. I'm excited today to be able to announce that Walter Roese will be an addition to our coaching staff to complete that and the addition of Terry Nashif as our director of basketball operations.

It has been quite a long process for me, but I am very excited about the way that the staff has turned out. I am happy to have these guys here committed to working and helping our BYU basketball program move to the next level. The first thing I want to do is to excuse Walter. Walter has been selected as an assistant coach on the Brazilian National Team that will participate in the Tournament of the Americas in the Dominican Republic this summer. He has left for Brazil and will start that assignment in the next couple of days. He is really excited about that and I am excited for him. They will actually play Team USA a couple of times before they get to that tournament and Walter is excited for the opportunity. Rafael has actually been invited to try out for that team, along with Nene, Barbosa and some of the other Brazilian NBA players that I'm sure you are familiar with. It is a great opportunity for him and a great opportunity for BYU to be represented in that tournament. The tournament will be in the Dominican and it's a qualifier for the World Championships in 2006. We wish him the best of luck and know he has a really busy summer ahead of him.

I want to talk for just a minute about the staff itself and let you know when I was in the process of trying to put this staff together the most important thing for me was that the guys that I hired would have the same vision for this program that I have. I'm confident that I have found guys that are committed and passionate about this game and are loyal to BYU. My vision for this program is to create a unique program where players and athletes foster great development and become great leaders. I also want to be able to compete and win at a conference and national level. More importantly, I think it is really, really crucial that we represent the university and the Church in a way that brings positive recognition and distinction to our school. I know that these men have the same vision for the program that I have and I'm excited to have them on my staff.

Some of the strengths of our staff. The first thing is that they are all committed to the vision of our program here at BYU. We are united in what we want to achieve success. The biggest part, I think, is that this is a group of disciplined, hard-working guys that are doers. They get things done. That is a big part of this program. The most important thing when the day is over is that they've accomplished tasks, they have a sense of urgency and they know how important every day is to the success of a basketball program. Even though it seems like a six-month job, it is a 12-month job, 365 days a year, and these guys have proven over their professional careers that that is how they approach the job. What I really like, I like the experience of our staff. I think that we have good coaches who are not only experienced in our league at our level in the Mountain West Conference, but they understand the high school level. They understand the junior college level, which allows us to relate better in our recruiting.

The absolute, most important thing that the staff will be involved in on a daily basis is recruiting. There won't be a day that goes by when recruiting is not addressed on the staff. And all the staff members will be involved in recruiting. It is the lifeblood of any athletic organization. It will be our focus on a daily basis to make sure we contact, we evaluate and we recruit the best players to represent our school athletically, academically and also the vision of the school itself. I think the staff as a whole will be extremely competitive. I think we'll be very intense and we'll have a sense of urgency and understand how important it is that things get done everyday. We'll be very prepared, we'll do things the right way and this staff will eventually be very, very successful.

I'd like to take just a few minutes to talk about each member of the staff and their responsibilities.

John Wardenburg and I have worked together for eight different seasons. Four years we worked together at Dixie College and I'm excited to have him on the staff (at BYU). One of his main responsibilities, besides recruiting, because as I mentioned before all of us will be involved in that, will be working with the post players and spending most of his time on the defensive end of the floor helping me with our defensive game plans. He has done a great job over the past few years with our strength and conditioning program, working with Justin McClure, and he will continue to do that. I've got a lot of confidence in John. I know he is a tireless worker. He loves this game; his family loves the game. His wife Pam is as involved in the game itself and you can see this. I know his sons are passionate about basketball. And that's what I want. I want a guy whose family is just as involved in basketball and winning and losing and competitiveness as John himself. I know he has great recruiting ties and great relationships with high school coaches, especially in the state of Utah. As he continues to develop those relationships, his efforts will pay off here at BYU.

I hired Dave (Rice) last month and I have been really, really pleased with how things have gone with Dave since he has been here. I have watched Dave play at the national championship game. He has experience as a player at this level. He played in two Final Fours and actually won a national championship, played with great NBA players, coached and recruited players that have played in the League and decided from that experience to be brought to our staff. He has great relationships and contacts from around the country, not only recruiting wise but also with coaches. He will really help us here as we try to broaden our recruiting base. He is really, really good with individual work and skill development. He will be in charge of our perimeter players and he will be our recruiting coordinator. He will work mainly on the offensive side of the ball with me and help me to create game plans and preparations. He will also be in charge of skill development, where all the coaches will be involved in helping these guys get better, but Dave will coordinate it for our staff. He is a great evaluator, and I am really excited to get his perspective of the Mountain West Conference as he has worked with another institution in our league. So he has that perspective and I think that will be really exciting for us.

Walter Roese has been on our staff for the last two years as the director of basketball operations, but I've known Walter for quite a few years. Walter actually played at the University of Houston. That was the first time I actually met him and knew of him at that time. And then our paths kind of left for a long period of time, but we became more acquainted again when we went to the BYU-Hawaii tournament five years ago. I'm excited to have Walter. He sees the game from a very unique perspective. He has coached the international game, played the international game and will really be a benefit to me in helping us to not only recruit more international players, but to get another perspective of that side of the ball. He will work on the offensive with me, working on skill development, assigned mainly to the point guards. He played point guard professionally for quite a few years and has a great insight to help players be better. I'm excited for that. He also has a great relationship with our players and will help them academically as he motivates them to do their schoolwork and become better there. So that will be our coaching staff.

Today I am probably more excited to introduce to you Terry Nashif. Terry's been with us for four years and has been a great player here for us in a lot of different ways. The thing that I like the most about Terry is that he is a leader. He has great leadership skills. Players respect him; coaches respect him. He's young, he's energetic and we've got him in a position where he can do great things for our program. He knows the things that we've done really well in the past as a player. He's experienced them. And he knows the things we need to improve upon. As I went through the interview process and talked to many, many people about this position, I realized the best person I had is right here with us already. He is a disciplined worker. He likes things done the right way. He is extremely responsible, dependable, detail-oriented. Our players will really benefit from having Terry on our staff and I'm excited to have him.

I also want to thank Chad Bunn, our video coordinator, who will continue to be on our staff. I'm excited to have Chad. Chad is pulled in a lot of different directions as he helps quite a few other sports. But he does a great job for us collecting video, breaking it down and helping the coaches get ready and be prepared.

Basically that is the announcement. I'm excited for this staff. I believe that two-and-a-half months ago when I got this job, this is exactly the group of guys I was looking for. It took awhile to find them, but today is a big day for us. We are all together to start this process. We will be recruiting the next couple of weeks. I'm excited about this recruiting season and I look forward to working with these guys. I look forward to successful years here at BYU. Thanks a lot.

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