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Travis Hansen - Questions and Answers

Question: How much of an advantage has it been to have three years instead of two as a junior college transfer?

Answer: Its given me the opportunity to become a better player. I was able to take a year and get to know the system instead of having to jump in right away. It has helped me become an overall better player by far.

Question: Are you naturally blond?

Answer: No, I'm brownish-blond, we keep the blond just for basketball season. I do enhance it a little bit, but it's a secret how I do it.

Question: What's it like being the lone senior on the team?

Answer: I don't have two or three others to lean on, I have to always be the leader on and off the court and take responsibility. I have to get after my teammates on both offense and defense so that everyone is doing their job. It entails a lot of responsibility and I have to come every day ready to play. It's a good experience for me, I like it.

Question: What is your vertical leap?

Answer: 36-37 inches and it has improved since I've been lifting. I have gotten bigger.

Question: Do you feel slighted because of the pre-season picks?

Answer: I honestly could care less because I'm looking forward to our record to see how good we can become and to the post-season awards.

Question: What's the chemistry like on this year's team?

Answer: Reminds me a lot of my first year when we had so many new players, so much depth and talent. My first year we had a lot of division one transfers, while this year we have a lot of junior college transfers--they are guys who can really step in and play.

Question: Has your wife given you any goals for this season?

Answer: We are having a baby in February, so she wants me to hurry up and become a good dad.